January 27, 2016 • RBS

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2016 is off to a quick start as we have already tracked 804 vulnerabilities and there have been 65 data breaches exposing 57 million records. But before we move on to 2016 we wanted to take a moment to share a 2015 success for Risk Based Security: CSO Outlook named Risk Based Security one of the top 10 Vulnerability Management Solutions Providers of 2015. 

Our VulnDB solution is gaining significant recognition as organizations begin to realize that the “value” of their network scans are totally dictated by the quality and comprehensiveness of the vulnerability intelligence feeding the creation of the signatures used by the scanning software. They have further realized that VulnDB can be used to get real-time updates on vulnerabilities for the vendors and products they depend upon. VulnDB can provide product and/or vendor email alerts or they can use an API for data download and integration into their internal processes by mapping to their asset databases, ITIL ticketing and GRC tools.

CSOs in all industries are starting to realize that the software their business relies upon also represents their greatest risk. With the continued and growing practice of using Third Party Software Libraries in most commercial software products, the risk is not only in regards to the cost of ownership, but also the vulnerabilities that may be introduced into the enterprise. “Our VulnDB service provides the unique feature of tracking vulnerabilities in over 2,000 Third Party Libraries.”

Jake Kouns, chief information security officer, Risk Based Security

You can read more in the article about Risk Based Security.

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