January 25, 2017 • RBS

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2016 Sets All Time High for the number of records exposed, according to Risk Based Security

RICHMOND, VA, January 25, 2017 — Risk Based Security today announced the release of the annual Data Breach QuickView report that shows 2016 broke the previous all-time high, set back in 2013, for the number of records exposed from reported data breaches.  The 4,149 data breaches reported during 2016 exposed over 4.2 billion records.

“There have been numerous sources discussing data breach statistics recently, however, their reported numbers are either not accurate or missing information when compared to our dataset. While the number of data breaches actually remained relatively flat from last year, the big story coming out of 2016 is obviously the massive increase in the number of records exposed.” said Inga Goddijn, Risk Based Security’s Executive Vice President.

Risk Based Security’s newly released 2016 Data Breach QuickView Report shows that breaches taking place at FriendFinder Networks, Myspace and Yahoo accounted for more than 2.2 billion records compromised.  In fact, the rise of the mega breach trend continued as ninety-four (94) breaches in 2016 exposed one million or more records.  That being said, 50.4% of data breaches reported only exposed between one and 10,000 records.

Only 18.3% of data breaches that occurred were actually the result of insider activity, and Hacking continues to dominate as the leading breach type, with SQL injection the predominant method utilized. Stolen laptops, which were once a leading cause of data compromise, accounted for only 67 (1.6%) of breaches in 2016.

“Another ongoing issue continues to be misconfigured databases and other inadvertent web based disclosures as they exposed over 253 million records in 2016.  As criminals expand this same technique to additional technology we expect more of this activity to come in 2017.” added Goddijn.

With 102 countries reporting at least one data breach in 2016, Risk Based Security’s research suggests that no industry, organization size or geographic location, is immune to a data breach. The total number of reported breaches tracked by Risk Based Security has exceeded 23,700, exposing over 9.2 billion records.

About the Data Breach QuickView Report

The Data Breach QuickView report is possible through the research conducted by Risk Based Security. It is designed to provide an executive level summary of the key findings from RBS’ analysis of 2016’s data breach incidents. Contact Risk Based Security for your customized analysis of the 2016 data breaches.

You can get your copy of 2016 Data Breach QuickView report here:

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