Sponsorships! Speaking Engagements! And Bears, OH MY!

Risk Based Security Events, Sponsorships and Speaking EngagementsWe’re just kidding about the bears. The Risk Based Security team has a lot of exciting events on the calendar for October. First we’re off to Orlando to sponsor Splunk .conf18. Then, Jake Kouns is hopping transport to speak at the Wall Street Journal Pro’s Small Business Academy event along with other industry leaders. Next, the Risk Based team is hosting a booth at GridSecCon 2018 in Las Vegas. And finally, Jake’s dropping some industry knowledge at Richmond IEEE Power and Energy Society back in RVA.

Details on these events are provided below.

Splunk .conf18

We’re sponsoring Splunk .conf18, Splunk’s premier education and thought leadership event for security and IT professionals. Are you attending? Come see us at our booth! We’d love to chat about vulnerability intelligence, data breach statistics and trends, and, of course, sandwiches. We’re just kidding about the sandwiches.

Click here for details and to register.

Where: Orlando, FL

When: October 1 – 4

Wall Street Journal Pro’s Cybersecurity Small Business Academy

Jake is speaking at the WSJPro Cybersecurity Small Business Academy conference on day one of the event: two days of expert insight, practical guidance, training and specialist advice to help executives and senior practitioners build and manage cybersecurity strategy delivered by the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Pro Cybersecurity team.

Find out more about the event here, and register to attend.

Where: Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA

When: October 15 – 16

GridSecCon 2018

NERC’s Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council are hosting the eighth annual grid security conference in mid-October. Risk Based Security team members, as well as other industry and government cyber and physical security experts will be there to collaborate on emerging security trends, policy advancements, and lessons learned related to the electricity industry.

Come visit our booth! We can’t wait to see you, so click here to register.

Where: Flamingo Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

When: October 16 – 19

Richmond IEEE Power and Energy Society

The importance of securing the nation’s critical infrastructure from malicious actors is gaining momentum. The IEEE Power & Energy Society is the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, with chapters located around the world. We’re pleased to be able to support the education efforts of the local Richmond chapter with a presentation in late October.  Jake will be the speaker for the Richmond IEEE Power and Energy Society, for a talk that might just include a reference or two to CyberSquirrel1.

Where: 2501 Grayland Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

When: October 26, 10:30am EST