The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Q3 2018 Cyber Security Data Breach Update Now Available via Webinar


Need a quick recap of 2018’s year to date breach activity?

Risk Based Security’s Inga Goddijn takes a deep dive into relevant breach trends and shares interesting and useful information from our latest Q3 2018 Data Breach Quick View Report.

The principals at Risk Based Security have been tracking data breaches for over a decade, allowing us to bring unique insights and analysis to the table. Some might even say it’s a buffet of statistics and stories.

Listen in to Inga’s on-demand, 30-minute review of the Q3 Report

Download a full copy of Q3 Data Breach QuickView Report

By the way, don’t assume Inga’s talk is all about doom and gloom. She also highlights some good news in the 2018 statistics. Check it out today!

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