October 10, 2019 • RBS

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Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 12-17

Risk Based Security CISO Jake Kouns will be featured as a highlight speaker at the upcoming HITB CyberWeek Conference in Abu Dhabi. Set to be the biggest Hack In The Box (HITB) event of the year, HITB CyberWeek brings together the best minds in the industry to share research in order to train the next generation of cyber warriors.

Highlight Presentation

Integrating Cyber Insurance into a Risk Management Program

Jake Kouns, CISO, Risk Based Security
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
15 October 2019, 11:00-11:45

This session will provide insights on the current data breach landscape while providing a behind the scenes look into cyber liability. Being a former insurance professional, the talk will discuss how coverage works and what types of breaches can be covered with no sales spin. Further, the session will also discuss how cyber insurance is being integrated into risk management plans. Information Security professionals and incident responders are in many cases, unaware of how the cyber insurance process works when there is a data breach and do not understand the requirements that can affect the incident response process.

Evolving Beyond the Vulnerability Whack-a-mole Game

Jake Kouns, CISO, Risk Based Security
Check schedule for session time and location.

Everyone has a product security problem but the problem is bigger than they think. In the security industry, too many organizations including security vendors are relying on bad data which forces them to be reactive and unable to prioritize critical issues.

In 2018 alone, there were more than 22,000 new vulnerabilities disclosed and while nearly everyone relies on the CVE/NVD, it is missing nearly 70,000 vulnerabilities with 45.5% of those having a CVSSv2 score between 7 and 10. This session will provide the solution to this problem as well as additional practices that would benefit any organization to manage and prioritize risk mitigation.

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