October 22, 2019 • RBS

October 22-25, 2019 Atlanta

Ever since 2011, GridSecCon has been bringing cyber and physical security experts from industry and government to share emerging security trends, policy advancements, and lessons learned related to the electricity industry.

This year, our CISO, Jake Kouns will be a speaker at the event. If you’re attending, we will be excited to see you there.


Power Plants, Trains & Dishwashers: 3rd Party Code Is Everywhere

Jake Kouns, CISO, Risk Based Security
Thursday, October 24th
Lightning Rounds

As the code providing our basic infrastructure (e.g. electricity, water), cars, medical, and other “Internet of Things” devices comes under increasing scrutiny and attack, dramatic reports flood the news about how vulnerable these critical systems are, and the mass chaos that could ensue if they were compromised. This talk helps to ensure we all start thinking about how to tackle security risks we inherit as part of the digital supply chain.

Meet With Us

Throughout the conference our team will be meeting with clients in order to provide them with materials to benefit the energy industry. If you are in the area and would like to meet with us face-to-face, we would be more than happy to see you.

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