March 20, 2020 • RBS

COVID-19 has brought new challenges for risk management professionals. We live in a time of a pandemic, where cyber criminals exploit the panic, hospitals are hit by ransomware, digital supply chains are disrupted, and key regulations are temporarily weakened. Vulnerability intelligence is more important than ever.

Join this webinar on March 31st, where Risk Based Security’s Brian Martin breaks down what we’ve learned, and how we apply that knowledge to a mid-pandemic world.

About This Webinar

Vulnerability Management in the Time of a Pandemic

Brian Martin, Vice President of Vulnerability Intelligence, Risk Based Security
3:00-4:00pm EDT on Tuesday, March 31st hosted on BrightTALK

We scheduled this discussion to talk about the trends we’re seeing in the vulnerability data from 2019, but guess what; that seems like a lifetime ago now. So we’ve shifted focus. Instead, we want to use this time to try to do something more valuable for our community.

We want to rise to this moment and confront these new challenges we’re all facing head on. No nonsense, this isn’t a product demo, just a focused look at the state of vulnerability intelligence and how it applies in this new, changing time. Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • The new pandemic world we live in now and how it affects security
  • The influence social events have on vulnerability disclosures
  • The impacts of IT department “panic-firing” in a mid-pandemic world
  • How to prioritize vulnerabilities and vendor issues
  • How to properly assess supply chain risks
  • Remote working video conference privacy issues
  • and much more!
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