April 15, 2020 • RBS

In today’s business climate, data breaches are a regular occurrence that have major impacts on all stakeholders. However, despite the gravity, many vendors and suppliers are hesitant to disclose breach events, leaving you to conduct research on how their breach impacts your organization.

The Standard in Data Breach Intelligence

Cyber Risk Analytics® (CRA) is the standard for actionable data breach intelligence, risk ratings and supply chain monitoring. CRA grants visibility into organizations that have experienced a data breach or leaked credentials. Along with our PreBreach® Risk Ratings, organizations can get a deeper understanding of a vendor’s digital hygiene and predict the likelihood of a future data breach.

The Polarity-Cyber Risk Analytics Integration

The Cyber Risk Analytics integration for Polarity provides instantaneous data that enables users to see if a company has been breached. With the contextual information provided about both email addresses and domains connected with known breaches, your organization can determine the risk associated with a vendor and take appropriate mitigating actions.

About Polarity

Polarity is a powerful memory augmentation platform that helps users retrieve information based on what is displayed on their screen. Not only is the platform versatile, but Polarity also allows analysts to get any information they need whether from internal or external sources.

Polarity users can benefit from this integration with a Cyber Risk Analytics subscription. See for yourself why CRA is the industry standard in actionable data breach intelligence.

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