May 5, 2020 • RBS

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In today’s disrupted business environment, even more so than normal, ensuring the security of your supply chain is critical. The number of data breaches has been increasing every year and you need to know if the vendors and products you rely on have been affected. The Cyber Risk Analytics and VulnDB integrations for Polarity can inform your team if a company has been breached, and if their products are vulnerable, so that you can take the necessary actions to prioritize and mitigate risk.

Join us for a webinar on May 12, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT, where Inga Goddijn and Brian Martin will join experts from to demonstrate how Cyber Risk Analytics and VulnDB can help find weak points in your supply chain and better secure your business.

About This Webinar

Community Tech Tuesday: Polarity + RBS Demo & Case Study: A Security Team Evaluates Zoom

2:00pm EST on May 12, 2020 hosted on Zoom

The Polarity integration with Cyber Risk Analytics and VulnDB enables users to get contextual information on vulnerabilities and search domains to see if a company has been breached. This instant data awareness allows you to determine the risk associated with a company (like a partner in your supply chain) and understand the actions your team needs to take based on the vulnerability or breach.

Leveraging the capabilities of our integrations, our security experts will perform a live case study on Zoom’s security breaches and response, giving you guidance on how to monitor and address risk in your own supply chain and vendors.

This webinar is free for the community, and attendees will be able to participate in live Q&A and conversation.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn why your supply chain introduces risk
  • Understand how to manage that risk actionable threat intelligence
  • See demos of Polarity, VulnDB & Cyber Risk Analytics in action
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