June 4, 2020 • RBS

Vulnerability intelligence is the critical foundation of any vulnerability management program. However, bad vulnerability data leads to lack of awareness which may cause incorrect prioritization and less focused remediation.

Organizations may not be aware that Vulnerability Intelligence goes beyond just “scanning” and that relying solely on Vulnerability scanning comes with visible limitations. Join our webinar, where our European Director of Security and Risk Intelligence, Michael Mortensen explains in detail how Vulnerability Intelligence can proactively assist your Vulnerability Management teams.

About This Webinar

How To Proactively Manage Security With Vulnerability Intelligence

2:00pm BST | 3:00pm CEST | 9:00am EDT on June 16, 2020 hosted on BrightTALK

Learn how Vulnerability Intelligence can enhance your Vulnerability Management process, and empower Vulnerability Management teams to improve response time with instant alerts, minimize false positives, and sidestep some of the limitations and challenges associated with scanning. Featuring examples and evidence directly from VulnDB.

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