August 7, 2020 • RBS

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Is this the new normal or just a temporary disruption?

Readers of our latest 2020 Q1 Data Breach QuickView Report are already aware that the data breach landscape is in an unusual place – the number of publicly reported breaches stands at its lowest point in five years. However, the number of records exposed is more than four times higher than any previously reported time period.

The striking differences between 2020 and prior years brings up many questions:

  1. Why is the breach count so low compared to prior years?
  2. What is driving the growth in the number of records exposed?
  3. Is this a permanent change in the data breach landscape?

In this webinar, Risk Based Security’s Executive Vice President, Inga Goddijn will provide answers to these questions as she dissects the mid year findings. Join us as we shed light on the facts showing you which trends we believe to be anomalies and which represent more enduring change.

About This Webinar

Huge Spikes in Records Exposed, Despite Decline in Reported Breaches

2:00pm EDT on August 17, 2020 hosted on BrightTALK

Data breach reports are down 52% in the first half of 2020, yet the number of records exposed crossed an alarming 27 billion. Something doesn’t add up. Inga Goddijn investigates the discrepancy, explores what the data is telling us about the impact of COVID on reporting, and reveals what it means for protecting your business.

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