October 12, 2020 • RBS

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Today’s cyberattacks might seem unique to this generation, but influence campaigns and the spread of disinformation as a political tactic have been around for nearly as long as the political systems they seek to undermine. What is new, is that the modern plethora of digital platforms has enabled campaigns to be conducted in near real-time and at a much greater scale.

The potential negative impact is amplified when coupled with the ability to compromise systems and data. With the November elections fast approaching, Inga Goddijn, Roy Bass, and Brian Martin discuss what we have observed in voter-related information on the dark web as well as vulnerabilities in Electronic Voting Machines. If it is too late for a radical shift in security, can we change the narrative for the ones to come?

About This Webinar

Secure the Vote: Hacktivism & Vulnerabilities in US Elections

2:00pm EDT on October 27, 2020 hosted on BrightTalk

Attempts to influence elections are nothing new, but modern digital platforms open the door for meddling to be carried-out in real-time and at a much greater scale. Join leading cybersecurity specialists as they look at the rise of hacktivism, vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines (EVMs) and more.

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