October 27, 2020 • RBS

Categories: The Right Security

Pete Herzog, Managing Director at ISECOM, joins Jake Kouns, CEO and CISO at Risk Based Security, to talk about a global organization he co-founded to research security, trust, and privacy in people, networks, systems, and processes. 

Launched by ISECOM in 2003, Hacker Highschool teaches teens problem solving, resourcefulness, and empathy through hacking. The project uses hands-on, challenging exercises for teens to learn cybersafety and they can grow with the curriculum into the professional cybersecurity field.

The Hacker Highschool project team is an international volunteer team of security professionals, hackers, writers, teachers, and teen ambassadors who bring these lessons to life, present at a variety of events, and provide workshops for schools. As an open source project their doors are open to volunteers who want to help as speakers, writers, and ambassadors in your area.

The Right Security

The video series where we talk with leaders and veterans in the security industry, tackling the biggest issues impacting organizations today.

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