November 17, 2020 • RBS

In This Episode

In this episode of The Right Security, cybersecurity expert Dan Holden joins Jake Kouns, CEO and CISO at Risk Based Security to talk about managing security teams and the growing responsibilities of CISOs.

If you enjoy the conversation, you might also want to check out Dan Holden’s talk CISO of 2025 at RVAsec 2019.

Show Notes

2:20 – Do you have to be technical to lead security teams?
8:05 – Advice to companies trying to prioritize security issues.
10:00 – How to get a business to engage and support security initiatives.
13:47 – Recap of 2019 RVAsec talk “CISO of 2025”
18:30 – Has 2020 changed Dan’s thoughts on the “CISO of 2025” talk?
22:05 – What if you can’t afford a CISO?
27:00 – The biggest challenge for companies starting a security program.
30:55 – Personal liability for CISOs when things go wrong.
36:00 – Commonly overlooked aspects for a CISO in a larger security program.
42:00 – Pep-talk for a CISO that’s feeling burned out.

The Right Security

This is the latest in our video series where we talk with leaders and veterans in the security industry, tackling the biggest issues impacting organizations today.

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