November 30, 2020 • RBS

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As we’ve mentioned in our recent 2020 Q3 Data Breach QuickView and our Mid Year Vulnerability QuickView Report, COVID-19 continues to significantly impact the data breach, vulnerability, and cyber security landscapes. Organizations within the industry can attest to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, and these effects have also been observed in Cyber Security marketing and PR.

Michelle Schafer, Partner and Sr. Vice President at Merritt Group, joins Jake Kouns, CEO and CISO at Risk Based Security, to talk about how Cyber Security marketing has had to rapidly adapt in 2020.

With the absence of in-person events, organizations are competing heavily to capitalize on online marketing efforts. How can enterprises cut through the digital noise?

If you enjoy the conversation, you might also want to check out Michelle Schafer’s & Tim Wilson’s talk The Changing Mind of the IT Security Pro – How Hype and Media Shape InfoSec Priorities at RVAsec 2016.

Show Notes

0:15 – Introductions
2:15 – RSAC cancellation and thoughts on virtual events
6:00 – Are virtual conferences worth the investment?
8:10 – Do people really care about webinars?
10:43 – Highlights from “Changing Mind of Security Pro” a talk with Tim Wilson
14:28 – How 2020 has changed the cybersecurity media and reporting landscape
18:50 – Thoughts on “pay-to-play” marketing and product coverage
23:23 – Thoughts on “over-hyped” vulnerabilities or named vulns 
25:18 – How researchers can share their discoveries effectively
27:18 – Is social media still an effective way for cybersecurity companies to communicate?
29:30 – Are media outlets still interested in exclusives?
32:44 – Prepping journalists for press releases
34:10 – Role of marketing in cybersecurity startups
37:32 – What’s up next in marketing for the cybersecurity industry?
40:13 – Advice for PR Professionals

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