March 23, 2021 • RBS

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Does your organization use Splunk? It is a powerful enterprise data platform, and when coupled with the right data source, can be used by the security team to generate actionable insights for their vulnerability management program.

In our whitepaper, we show how, with the help of the free VulnDB Add-On and App, Splunk can be a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their vulnerability prioritization and remediation efforts.

VulnDB Powers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management with Splunk Enterprise

Learn how the free VulnDB Add-On and App enables organizations to use Splunk for effective vulnerability management.

Freely available in Splunkbase, both the VulnDB Add-On and the VulnDB App for Splunk software can be used by organizations that have an active VulnDB subscription that includes access to the VulnDB API.

The VulnDB Add-On makes the rich metadata and vulnerability data from VulnDB available within a user-specified Splunk index and essentially turns each vulnerability record within VulnDB into an event in Splunk, with a new event created whenever a new vulnerability is added or an existing vulnerability is updated.

VulnDB makes it possible to adopt a truly risk-based approach. Users will be able to manage a variety of metadata elements about assets to allow them to be categorized based on dimensions such as business function or criticality.

“The VulnDB App facilitates calculation of a Risk Score for each asset, which combines the Value, Vulnerability Exposure, and Threat Likelihood into a single quantitative result.”

For organizations using Splunk, combining the best-in-class vulnerability from VulnDB with Splunk’s powerful analytical capabilities is a highly compelling option. See for yourself how VulnDB is the most comprehensive, detailed and timely source of vulnerability intelligence.

For more information, check out our resources page to see how our products enable organizations and our clients to understand the vulnerabilities they face and prioritize their efforts. Continuously measure your risk with ratings, and actively improve the vendors in your digital supply chain.

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