May 10, 2021 • RBS

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“VulnDB’s exploitability details have allowed SITA to prioritize risk remediation more effectively.”

Necmiye Genc-Nayebi, Senior Manager at Corporate Information
Security Office (CISO) at SITA

SITA is a multinational information technology and telecommunications organization that services about 90% of the world’s airline business. With over 400 members and 2,800 customers worldwide, SITA’s mission is to provide their clients with solid, secure products and to provide dependable service to their customers.

Moving Beyond a Legacy Scanning Approach

The vulnerability intelligence provided by a well-known scanning platform they relied on was incomplete, and did not allow them to make truly risk-based decisions. The lack of actionable detail made their vulnerability management process an extremely manual and time consuming process. Although scanning allowed them to perform standard tasks, SITA wanted a solution that could offer flexibility and scale alongside their growth.

VulnDB Drives SITA IT Vulnerability and Risk Management Alignment

Learn how VulnDB has helped SITA meet their goals. See for yourself how comprehensive intelligence and powerful features enable true risk-based decisions.

About VulnDB

VulnDB is the most comprehensive and timely vulnerability intelligence available and provides actionable information about the latest in security vulnerabilities via an easy-to-use SaaS Portal, or a RESTful API for easy integration into GRC tools and ticketing systems.

VulnDB allows organizations to search on and be alerted to the latest vulnerabilities, both in end-user software and the third party libraries or dependencies that help build applications.

A subscription to VulnDB provides organizations with simple to understand ratings and metrics on their vendors and products, and how each contributes to the organization’s risk-profile and cost of ownership.

Over 254,000 Vulnerabilities and 28,000 Products

The most comprehensive, detailed and timely source of vulnerability intelligence available.

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