January 12, 2022 • RBS

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We founded Risk Based Security based on a simple belief: Better Data Matters. We recognized that in order for organizations to get security right, they needed comprehensive, actionable vulnerability and breach intelligence, including transparent vendor risk ratings. Our mission is to deliver that better data to organizations, in an actionable form, enabling truly risk-based decision making. In pursuit of that mission over the past 10 years, we’ve led the industry in delivering the right data to help our customers detect and remediate vulnerabilities across their supply chains.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our next major milestone in that journey to deliver the best data: Risk Based Security is joining forces with Flashpoint.

Risk Based Security and Flashpoint

Risk Based Security’s leadership recognized the inherent value of a risk-based approach to security long before the idea became a buzzword. Our commitment to the concept is in our name. As practitioners know, the cornerstone of a risk-based approach is truly understanding the unique risk profile of the organization, captured by a simple formula:

Risk Score = Asset Value (AV) x Threat Likelihood (TL) x Vulnerability Exposure (VE)

Risk Based Security began our journey focusing on the Vulnerability Exposure (VE) side of the equation. Our Cyber Risk Analytics product shines a light on the vulnerability exposure as it relates to the vendor relationship, and our VulnDB product dives deep into the specific vulnerabilities present in hardware and software. We quickly became the leader in providing vulnerability and breach intelligence while, concurrently, Flashpoint was developing industry leading threat intelligence capabilities to determine Threat Likelihood (TL). Together, we are able to give an extremely clear picture of risk, tailored to the unique attributes of an organization that companies can easily take action on. 

Risk Based Security and Flashpoint

Webinar: Detect and Remediate Vulnerabilities Faster

In March of 2021, we launched our new Risk Based Security Platform to tackle Asset Value (AV). The Platform allows our customers to upload and classify assets based on the unique value to their organization. This allows us to not only inform clients about vulnerabilities and vendor breaches but also alert them to issues that directly affect their assets.

Shortly after the launch of The Platform, Risk Based Security celebrated our 10th anniversary. As a company, we took time to recognize our many accomplishments, awards, and accolades. Looking back at our decade in business, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments. After our short celebration we quickly shifted focus, preparing for how to be even more successful in the next 10 years. We realized that in order to reach our lofty goals and fully address the risk-based equation, we would need a partner for the next phase.

We were very fortunate to find Flashpoint, as they are a natural fit and the right partner for the future. With the combination of Flashpoint’s market leading threat intelligence and their Flow product, the company’s no-code automation tool, our combined organization will be the only security solution in the market to provide a true single pane of glass needed by security professionals focused on vulnerability management, DevSecOps, threat intelligence, and vendor risk management.

Risk Based Security and Flashpoint joining forces completes the risk-based equation that enables organizations to implement an effective cyber security program. No more will security departments need multiple vendors to truly understand their risk exposure, threats, or the actions necessary to prioritize and remediate risk. I want to thank all of our clients, employees, and supporters for believing in us. The best is yet to come and we are incredibly excited for the future!

Jake Kouns, CEO
Risk Based Security

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