February 14, 2022 • RBS

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Vulnerability Report: 2021 Year End

Today we released our 2021 Year End Vulnerability QuickView Report, revealing that our VulnDB® team aggregated 28,695 vulnerabilities last year.

2021 Year End Vulnerability QuickView Report

Expecting any organization to triage, prioritize, and then remediate 28,695 vulnerabilities in one year is extremely unrealistic, and without a risk-based approach, key issues are more likely to remain unpatched.”

Brian Martin, Vice President of Vulnerability Intelligence at RBS

Check out our report for deeper analysis into the vulnerability disclosure landscape, as well as best practices that organizations can follow to make risk-based decisions.

To make the most effective use of time and resources, security teams should first focus on issues that are remotely exploitable, have a public exploit, and have documented solution information. By following this approach, organizations can potentially reduce their immediate workload by 86% while still addressing the most significant risks with which they are faced.”

The 2021 Year End Vulnerability QuickView Report showcases the importance of comprehensive, detailed, and timely vulnerability intelligence to a risk-based vulnerability management program.

Download the free report to learn:

  1. How many vulnerabilities were reported in 2021
  2. Which products and vendors were reported to contain the most vulnerabilities
  3. How many vulnerability disclosures were released each day
  4. How organizations can reduce their risk and immediate workload

About the QuickView Report and VulnDB

The quarterly Vulnerability QuickView report is a service of VulnDB, which is the world’s most comprehensive, detailed and timely source of vulnerability intelligence and third-party library monitoring.

It provides actionable intelligence about the latest in security vulnerabilities through an easy-to-use SaaS portal, RESTful APIs, and e-mail alerting. Leveraging VulnDB is simpler than ever with our connectors to Splunk, RSA Archer, ServiceNow, GitHub, and more.

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