Case Studies

See for yourself how our clients benefit from the most comprehensive, detailed and timely vulnerability and breach intelligence.

VulnDB Enables Continuous Product Security for Dräger

With VulnDB, Dräger has comprehensive vulnerability intelligence that includes both Open Source Software (OSS) and commercial software, enabling continuous security during development and post-release.

AXA XL relies on Cyber Risk Analytics

AXA XL Manages Their Risk Exposure with Cyber Risk Analytics

Comprehensive data breach intelligence empowers AXA XL to continuously monitor their supply-chain. In addition, AXA XL is also able to combine data breach and vulnerability intelligence to assess the health of their vendors.

Lineas Enables Effective Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) with VulnDB

VulnDB’s extensive research was the essential component that enabled Lineas to identify risk in a more comprehensive manner by quickly prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities for better outcomes.

Swisscom Frees Up Limited Resources With Better Data

With the powerful features of VulnDB, Swisscom’s security team is able to perform a centralized governance role, monitoring vulnerabilities impacting the whole organizations and distributing prioritized information to the right people.

VulnDB Drives SITA IT Vulnerability and Risk Management Alignment

Since 2015, SITA has relied on VulnDB to unite their IT Security and Risk Management teams under one ticketing system. By moving away from a slow and disruptive legacy scanning approach, SITA is fueled by powerful and comprehensive vulnerability intelligence.

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Risk Based Security’s products enable organizations to understand the vulnerabilities they face and prioritize their efforts. Continuously measure your risk with ratings, and actively improve the vendors in your digital supply chain.

VulnDB Powers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management with Splunk Enterprise

Risk Based Security has developed the VulnDB Add-On and App for Splunk to help customers who want to use VulnDB to support a VI implementation within Splunk.

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