2016 Reported Data Breaches Expose Over 4 Billion Records

2016 Sets All Time High for the number of records exposed, according to Risk Based Security RICHMOND, VA, January 25, 2017 — Risk Based Security today announced the release of the annual Data Breach QuickView report that shows 2016 broke the previous all-time high, set back in 2013, for the number of records exposed from […]

From Car Theft To Bombing Military Targets – Security Continues To Get “Real”

As we’ve written before, “cyber” risk is largely viewed as a financial problem. Criminals target rich caches of personal data for a myriad of identity fraud schemes or go after financial processes in order to steal money. Whether the attack is wildly successful – like Yahoo’s recent revelation a whooping 1 billion user records were […]

Kapustkiy: The 17 Year Old Man, The Myth, The Motivations

A few months ago an individual using the handle Kapustkiy kicked off a spree of data breaches focused mostly on government websites from around the world.  The first incident was published close to two months ago on November 6th, when Kapustkiy announced a leak of data coming from seven Indian embassies located in various different […]

Third Time’s A Charm For Yahoo! Data Breaches

It seems just like yesterday, but it was actually September of this year that we covered a breach at Yahoo! that occurred in late 2014. That intrusion resulted in the compromise of at least 500 million records, resulting in the single largest data breach ever disclosed. With that breach, the total number of records compromised […]

2016 Q3 Data Breach QuickView – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Have you heard, October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month? With worldwide events being what they are and “elections” occupying every minute of the news cycle, it’s no great surprise if you had no idea we are at the end of the annual campaign to raise awareness about cyber security. The awareness campaign theme for Week 4 was to […]

Help Us Tell Telly That They Have Exposed 8M Subscribers!

******* UPDATE ****** As of 1:35 Eastern Telly has now replied and is investigating the issue.  Thank you for the assistance! As of 2:34 Eastern Telly has now corrected the issue. ************************ We need your help to contact an organization that has thus far been unresponsive to numerous notifications that we have sent about a discovered […]

Modern Business Solutions Stumbles Over A Modern Business Problem – 58M Records Dumped From An Unsecured Database

Much has been written about the dangers of poorly secured MongoDB databases among others. Despite the many warnings, millions of records have been lost due to misconfigurations in this database software. Now we have yet another massive database leak has been uncovered related to an insecure MongoDB installation, exposing at least 58 million subscriber records. […]

Youch! Yahoo Coughs Up 500M Records And 2016 Crosses 2B Records Compromised

Today Yahoo confirmed their systems were compromised in late 2014, resulting in the single largest data breach disclosed to date. The intrusion resulted in the compromise of at least 500 million records including customer names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, security questions and answers. This Yahoo announcement […]

WADA Data On Three USA Athletes Leaked – Russia Blamed Immediately

On September 12th, a brand new Twitter account called @FancyBears announced that it had hacked the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). There was a total of 33 files in PDF or PNG format comprising of approximately 2.33 MB. It appears from a cursory examination that the earliest document is from 2001 and the most recent being […]

Data Breaches Lead To Over 1 Billion Records Exposed In The First Half of 2016

Risk Based Security and RPS Executive Lines are pleased to announce the release of the latest installment of the Data Breach QuickView Report. The MidYear 2016 Report shows that, while the number of data breaches for the year is down approximately 17% compared to the same time last year, the number of records compromised is […]