May 28 • RBS

Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Q1 2020 Decreased by 19.8%

Today we released our 2020 Q1 Vulnerability QuickView Report, which revealed that the number of […]

May 11 • RBS

No. of Records Exposed in 2020 Q1 Data Breaches Skyrockets to 8.4 Billion

Today, we released our 2020 Q1 Data Breach QuickView Report, which finds that the total […]

April 21 • RBS

April’s Vulnerability Fujiwhara Has Passed, But July’s Is Yet To Come

On April 14th, security teams were hit by the latest Vulnerability Fujiwhara Effect, which is […]

February 18 • RBS

37.3% of Vulnerabilities in 2019 Had Available Exploit Code or a Proof of Concept

Today we released our 2019 Year End Vulnerability QuickView Report which encompasses the trends occurring […]

February 14 • RBS

VulnDB Stories: How Secrecy Does Not Protect a Popular Mail Server

“Yet another story from the VulnDB engine room”, I hear you say. Yeah, but this […]

February 10 • RBS

Number of Records Exposed in 2019 Hits 15.1 Billion

Today, we released our 2019 Year End Data Breach QuickView Report, which finds that the […]

December 23 • RBS

Making the Vulnerability Disclosure ‘Nice’ List: Cisco

Risk Based Security has always made it a point to praise organizations that operate in […]

September 3 • RBS

Researchers Discover Vulnerable SCADA Product & Responsive SCADA Vendor

We previously published research about critical vulnerabilities in South Korean ActiveX controls and, soon after […]

July 31 • RBS

RBS Research Team Uncovers Vulnerability in Popular Honey Web Extension

Without the variety of browser extensions available today, the experience of using web browsers would […]

June 26 • RBS

A Scanning Solution is Only as Good as the Vulnerability Data That Drives it

We had some great conversations at JFrog’s user conference, SwampUp 2019. Brian Martin, our Vice […]

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