Cyber Risk Analytics

Data Breach Intelligence and Vendor Risk Management 


Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) provides actionable threat intelligence about organizations that have had a data breach or leaked credentials. This enables organizations to reduce exposure to the threats most likely to impact them and their vendor base. In addition, our PreBreach rating, the result of a deep-view into the metrics driving cyber exposures, can be used to better understand the digital hygiene of an organization and the likelihood of a future data breach. The integration of PreBreach ratings into security processes, vendor management programs, and risk management tools allows organizations to avoid costly risk assessments, while enabling businesses to understand its risk posture, act quickly and appropriately to proactively protect its most critical information assets.

What if there was a database containing industry specific detail on threat vectors and vulnerabilities? What if this database was easily accessible through analytical tools and dashboards designed to support risk analysis? The answer, your organization would have the power to identify the true risks to your most valuable assets.

Risk Based Security has combined our extensive databases of security vulnerability information and data breach analysis to provide interactive dashboards and analytics that offer clients a first of its kind risk identification and security management tool. Clients are able to gather and analyze security threat and data breach information on businesses, industries and geographies.  Risk Based Security’s dashboards and comprehensive reports provide details about the numbers of data breach incidents, records exposed, industry type, breach type, threat vectors, data type, data family, geo-location mapping and much more.

Risk Based Security offers a full set of analytics, threat reports and user friendly dashboards designed specifically to identify security risks by industry.  Many options are available;  Customized Research Reports, Data Breach Intelligence Dashboards, Database Search Capabilities and Database Exports for Customized Research, Leaked Credential and Vendor Monitoring, PreBreach Ratings, Aggregation Analysis and more!

  • Data Breach Intelligence Dashboards
  • Full Database Search Capabilities
  • Leaked Credentials Monitoring
  • Database Exports and API  for Custom Research
  • Breach data to support Actuarial, Cost and Predictive Modeling
  • Customized Research Reports
  • Prioritize the most important security controls based on evidence
  • Aggregation Analysis to understand your supply chain or insurance systemic risk


For years, business leaders have been asking the question, “How do I know which companies’ security I can trust?” Check box assessments tell only a part of the story and formal audits can be impractical and too expensive when there are hundreds of organizations to evaluate.

PreBreach is Risk Based Security’s answer to the security trust question, providing subscribers with the ability to make informed risk decisions about current and potential Insureds, clients, 3rd party service providers, websites, cloud services, and even your own Internet security posture.

An organization’s risk profile changes over time. PreBreach is constantly gathering and analyzing millions of global security attributes to measure security performance and help subscribers make informed judgments about security risk at business associates, vendors and suppliers.

PreBreach provides risk profiles in nine categories based on over 1,000 security attributes, 21,000+ data breaches, 400,000+ specific indicators of compromise checks, 380+ million exposed email addresses and 125,000 software vulnerabilities.

Call 855-RBS-RISK or eMail:  [email protected] to choose the Data Analysis subscription right for you. Customized Packages are also available.