Why Risk Based Security?

Why Risk Based Security?

The risk-based security model identifies the true risks to an organization’s most valuable assets and directs spending where it’s needed most, resulting in the right security.

What is Risk Based Security, Inc.?

  • Primary partner with the Open Security Foundation
  • The industry’s first online data breach intelligence dashboard – Cyber Risk Analytics
  • API supported software vulnerability analysis – VulnDB API
  • Acccess to a network of security professionals on an as-needed basis – YourCISO
  • Demonstrated ISO/IEC 27001:2005 consultants
  • Cyber insurance product specialists

What is Risk Based Security’s Mission?

To equip clients with the technology to turn security breach data and vulnerability intelligence into information and information into a competitive edge. To provide customized risk-based solutions to address information security and compliance challenges.

What differentiates RBS from other security information companies?

  • RBS offers a full set of analytics and user-friendly dashboards designed specifically to identify security risks by industry.
  • RBS offers the largest and most comprehensive vulnerability database, VulnDB API, allowing organizations to poll the extensive Open Source Vulnerability Database
  • RBS is the only company that offers its clients a fully integrated solution – real time  information, analytical tools and purpose-based consulting.
  • Unlike other security information providers, RBS offers companies comprehensive insight into data security threats most relevant to their industry.

Who would use RBS?

  • Cyber-risk insurance brokers & underwriters
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Risk Management Executives
  • Information Security & Risk Consultants
  • MGAs and Reinsurance Companies
  • Cyber-risk Lawyers
  • Regulators

Why use RBS?

  • RBSI empowers clients with the latest in data analysis and dashboard technologies.
  • Clients are able to gather and analyze security information on businesses, industries and geographies.
  • Database analysis can advise clients regarding most probable risks and guide risk mitigation actions.
  • Access to an extensive, accurate and continually updated database enables clients to focus resources on protecting their most valuable assets.
  • RBSI clients can distinguish themselves by implementing a risk based security program that protects assets and fulfills compliance requirements.

What data does RBS aggregate?

  • RBS offers access to a comprehensive database of data breach details collected from public sources.
  • News Feeds
  • Security Blogs
  • Websites
  • Freedom of Information Act requests

How can RBS improve my risk assessments & security?

  • RBS automates the analysis of data breach details allowing rapid risk identification.
  • RBS maintains the industry’s largest vulnerability database, with over 87,000 vulnerabilities covering over 47,000 products
  • Risk identification by industry and threat vector allows for focused mitigation actions to reduce risk.
  • Real-time access to constantly updated data assures detailed information in a format that allows full analysis.
  • Proprietary dashboards instantly create graphical representations of target data for ready analysis.

What is our client’s pain point?

  • Increasing security threats, new regulations, constantly evolving IT technologies and limited resources.
  • Current market solutions focus on ‘security in a box’, the ‘silver bullet’ and one size fits all.
  • Current solutions don’t focus protection on the organization’s most valuable assets.
  • Data breaches and fraud schemes are on the rise, ‘well’ protected organizations are  exposed daily and the cost of a data breach is escalating.
  • Organizations need the information and a methodology to prioritize security spending based on risks.
  • “Don’t sell me the security tool you have, help me determine what I truly need and install that.”

What is the RBS solution?

  • Meet the growing demand for information to support risk-based and prioritized security programs.
  • DataLossDB collects relevant and valuable information on data breaches providing threat vector and industry-focused insight.
  • Risk assessment methodology identifies organization’s most valuable assets.
  • Best practice security controls used to mitigate prioritized risks.