Security Intelligence

Risk Based Security’s proprietary software application crawls the Internet 24×7 to capture and aggregate data breach incidents and software vulnerabilities for our researchers to analyze. In addition, our researchers manually scour news feeds, blogs and scan the cyber underground as well as leverage business and personal relationships throughout the security community looking for new data breaches, breaches that need to be updated and reported vulnerabilities. Our databases also include information obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests to various US States requesting breach notification documents as a result of state notification legislation.

Software Vulnerabilities

Risk Based Security, in partnership with the Open Security Foundation, offers the Vulnerability Database API (VulnDB API), for comprehensive vulnerability intelligence through a continuously updated data feed. Based on the largest and most comprehensive vulnerability database, our VulnDB API allows organizations to poll the extensive Open Source Vulnerability Database for the latest in software security vulnerability information. The VulnDB data feed subscription offering provides organizations with timely, accurate, and thorough vulnerability information.

The VulnDB API is ideal for organizations that need timely information on threats to their organization, companies that create signatures for security products, and agencies tasked with providing incident response. By leveraging the data available through the VulnDB API, organizations have access to a comprehensive security data source that delivers reliable and timely alerts and recommendations about software vulnerabilities and patch availability.

Risk Based Security’s VulnDB API, with Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), is an easy-to-use, customizable source for vulnerability information, impact analysis, mitigation guidance, and links to available security patches.

VulnDB Data Feeds are licensed on a per data feed basis for a 12, 24, or 36 month subscription.

If you are ready to improve your security posture or need the best security vulnerability data available,  please contact [email protected]  to discuss the subscription service that’s right for you.

Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA)

RBS’ Cyber Risk Analytics offers a full set of data breach analytics, threat reports and user friendly dashboards designed specifically to identify security risks by industry.  Access to this database would provide your organization with the data breach intelligence required to make more informed risk-based decisions. Numerous options are available to access the information based on features, data fields selected, and number of users.

CRA Features Include …

  • Security News & Trendsaccess to the latest security news and threat trends;
  • Overviewprovides a global overview of annual data breach incidents and records exposed;
  • Security Statisticsprovides a pre-built list of charts and graphs highlighting the most asked data breach questions;
  • Breach Locationsa global and USA focused heat map showing numbers of breaches and records exposed;
  • Industry Focusprovides a pre-built list of charts and graphs highlighting the most asked data breach questions with a focus on industry sectors;
  • Custom Search– provides an open search function with access to all search parameters;
  • Data Export – a CSV export of the full data breach database or API driven download are available for in house customized research in support of your risk management program;
  • API – provides an Application Programming Interface to streamline data download.

If you are ready to improve your risk management process,  please contact [email protected]  to discuss the subscription service that’s right for you.

 Security Intelligence Reports

Your Guide to Accurate, Authoritative, Relevant and Actionable Data Loss Intelligence

Along with security awareness training, every organization needs to understand the trends in information security breaches and the potential impact on their organization. RBS’  Security Intelligence Report is published quarterly and highlights the global trends in information security incidents along with relevant recommendations. Each report contains timely information covering the following topics:

  • Percentages by Industry Sector
  • Analysis by Breach Type
  • Analysis by Threat Vector
  • Analysis by Data Family
  • Analysis by Industry Sub Type
  • Analysis by Breach Location
  • Analysis by Data Type Exposed
  • Analysis by Records Exposed
  • Top 10 Incidents All Time List
  • Conclusions
  • Call to Action

If you are ready to stop guessing about the threats most likely to impact your organization,  please contact [email protected]  to discuss the subscription service that’s right for you.