Director of Marketing

Office: Richmond, VA, USA

Brendan Dodds is a marketing and digital transformation leader, with 15 years of experience driving effective digital marketing and communications for organizations from large global brands to tech startups. He was the Americas Digital Enablement Leader for Ernst & Young, driving digital marketing strategy and execution, and digital transformation across 25 countries, including the USA. He also led a global Digital Product Management team focused on digital marketing, and held several other marketing and communication roles, with a specialty in social media, once establishing and managing a cross-channel brand presence with more than 3.5 million followers. Brendan initially trained as an IT Project Manager at General Electric.

Brendan is an experienced speaker on digital marketing and communications, with conference appearances including: Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Social @ Scale, Philadelphia Business Forum, DMA and TEDxEY. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent (UK).