Areas of focus:

Chief Research Officer

Office: Copenhagen, Denmark

As the Chief Research Officer at Risk Based Security, Carsten manages the VulnDB team responsible for analyzing vulnerability reports and delivering high quality content for our VulnDB solution. He also manages our in-house research that focuses on in-depth analysis of publicly reported vulnerabilities as well as discovering new ones.

Carsten is an information security researcher with an extensive reverse engineering background and about 300 vulnerability discoveries credited to his name – many in high-profile products from major software vendors. With almost 20 years experience managing large vulnerability database (VDB) teams, Carsten is considered a leading expert in the Vulnerability Intelligence (VI) field due to his comprehensive knowledge of vulnerabilities, root causes, and trends.

A good part of his career has been spent analyzing software to determine code quality and promoting the concept of “Code Maturity” in order to provide a reliable metric for evaluating the secure coding efforts by vendors.

Carsten has presented at conferences such as RSA, DEF CON, FIRST, RVAsec, as well as keynoting Defcamp. He has been interviewed for numerous news articles about software security and was on the CVE Editorial Board for 9 years.

Carsten served in the Royal Danish Engineers, 4th Armoured Engineer Company.