Risk Based Security has teamed up with a variety of world-class organizations to make the rich vulnerability intelligence within our VulnDB Product available within the products you already use. Through their technology, skills, and support, our integrations with these partners enable our customers to easily enjoy the full value of Risk Based Security’s products and services.

With the VulnDB Data Feed for RSA Archer IT Security Vulnerabilities Program, users can continuously monitor their environment for new vulnerabilities and potential exploits from directly within RSA Archer.
JFrog’s Xray has combined its extensive metadata knowledge with the comprehensiveness and timeliness of VulnDB’s vulnerability intelligence.  At no extra charge to Xray users, DevOps teams are able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within third-party libraries across their development pipelines.
The Recorded Future analysis platform is used by 91% of the Fortune 100 companies. The integration of VulnDB into the Recorded Future platform empowers security teams to benefit from the additional metadata available in VulnDB, which enables them to efficiently prioritize vulnerability mitigation activities and quickly respond to threats.
VulnDB is available as an add-on for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud customers. With the VulnDB add-on, without having to scan their environment, subscribers are able to map vulnerability data to the assets and vendors in their ecosystem.
The ServiceNow Vulnerability Response application is a powerful way for organizations to track, prioritize, and resolve vulnerabilities. The VulnDB Vulnerability Integration for ServiceNow augments the application with over 232,000 vulnerabilities, including 75,000 vulnerabilities not found in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD/CDE).
GrammaTech’s CodeSentry enables organizations to quickly measure the risk associated with their applications. With enhanced intelligence from VulnDB, users benefit from in-depth coverage of IT, OT, IoT, CoTS, and third-party libraries and dependencies.
Anchore Enterprise users can benefit from an extra layer of security by using the VulnDB integration, which allows organizations to analyze container images at any point in the development process.
The VulnDB integration for the Sysdig platform allows organizations access to increased vulnerability coverage and strengthened vulnerability reporting. With the view in the Sysdig dashboards, VulnDB helps organizations quickly identify new vulnerabilities, recommend a fix, and work towards remediation.
The VulnDB integration combines our comprehensive, detailed and timely vulnerability intelligence with Cortex XSOAR’s security orchestration and automation platform to help security teams standardize their incident response processes, execute repeatable tasks at scale, and accelerate time to detect and remediate vulnerabilities.
The Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Service is a powerful tool for surfacing, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerability-related risks.  With the VulnDB connector for Brinqa, organizations can significantly improve the quality of the vulnerability data used to inform those activities.
Polarity is a powerful memory augmentation platform that helps users retrieve information based on what is displayed on their screen. With VulnDB’s integration into Polarity, whenever vulnerability information is displayed on a user’s screen, additional metadata for the vulnerability is retrieved from VulnDB and presented to the user.
GitHub enables developers and businesses of all sizes share code and build software in parallel with one another. Risk Based Security’s VulnDB monitors and tracks vulnerabilities within third party code.
Dependency-Track’s platform allows organizations to identify and reduce risk from third-party and open source components. The integration of VulnDB bolsters the application with additional data, helping organizations confidently respond in a timely manner.
MISP is a feature-rich, open source threat intelligence platform used by more than 2,500 organizations for sharing, storing, and correlating Indicators of Compromises (IoC) of targeted attacks. Organizations, which also have a subscription to VulnDB, are also now able to easily add comprehensive vulnerability intelligence to MISP.
The D2 Elliot Web Exploitation Framework simulates real-time attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities found with a user’s security ecosystem. The integration of VulnDB pulls extensive vulnerability data from VulnDB into the exploit information within D2 Elliot’s framework.
The Digitalware platform facilitates Risk Hunting by prioritizing risk mitigation by true business value, telling security teams what to fix first — before an attack occurs — and communicates risk clearly for both analysts and senior management.

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