Risk Based Security has teamed up with a variety of world-class organizations to deliver our intelligence. Through their technology, skills and support, these partners enable our customers to enjoy the full value of Risk Based Security’s products and services.




Black Duck Software is the leading OSS Logistics solution provider, enabling enterprises of every size to securely manage open source code and optimize the opportunities that come with open source adoption and management. As part of the greater open source community, Black Duck connects developers to comprehensive open source software (OSS) resources through The Black Duck Open Hub (formerly Ohloh) and to the latest commentary from industry experts through the Open Source Delivers blog. Black Duck is headquartered in Boston and has offices in San Mateo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing. For more information about how to leverage open source to deliver faster innovation, greater creativity, and improved efficiency, visit and follow the company at @black_duck_sw.
Cherwell (@Cherwell) empowers organizations to transform their business through the rapid adoption and easy management of digital services. Cherwell’s adaptable platform has enabled thousands of organizations to modernize their business operations with customizable service management, automation, and reporting across the enterprise. For more information, visit:
rts-logo RTS Labs is a passionate team of data architects, business and system analysts, software developers and business intelligence experts who are ready to help you brainstorm, design and meet your technology and data analytics goals.
ISECOM ISECOM (the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies) is an open community and a non-profit organization officially registered in Catalonia, Spain. ISECOM maintains offices in Barcelona, Spain and in New York, USA.  ISECOM began with the release of the OSSTMM, the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.  ISECOM believes it’s not enough to just find the facts, but that we need to find ways to apply it to the world we live in by creating a security philosophy that makes sense. And that’s what ISECOM does every day for millions of people around the world. From governments to businesses to schools to just regular people, we help to make sense of security.
DVI logo DVI is a leading Information Technology and Networking consultancy and systems engineering firm with focus in IT, Telecommunications, Security and Audio-Visual systems. The firm serves many clients in several markets including: Education & Institutional, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare and Medical, Insurance, Legal, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, High Technology, and Transportation & Energy utilities, among others. In addition, DVI also provides expert witness support for Intellectual Property matters involving Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Protection, Theft of Intellectual Property, Breach of Contract and other actions for many technologies in the telecom carrier, multimedia, VoIP, digital imaging, satellite, wireless, security and e-commerce arenas.