Date Outlet Article
11/15/19 PaymentSource Why payments fraud is turning into a rise of the machines
11/15/19 Channel Futures Cybersecurity Roundup: interview with Inga Goddijn
11/15/19 Ooda Loop 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/15/19 IS Buzz News Experts On The Record Setting Breaches For 2019 With Healthcare As A Top Target
11/15/19 Cloud Security Alliance Keeping Up With Changing Technology by Reducing Complexity
11/14/19 Help Net Security 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/14/19 Security Boulevard Record Number of Breaches and Leaked Records Registered in 2019, Study Shows
11/14/19 Dark Reading 2019 Trending as Worst Year on Record for Data Breaches
11/14/19 IT Security News 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/14/19 Infosec News Ireland 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/13/19 Security Magazine 7.9 Billion Records Exposed So Far in 2019
11/12/19 24/7 Wall St 2019 on Track to Become ‘Worst Year on Record’ for Data Breaches
11/12/19 Cyber Wire Daily briefing
11/12/19 Mondaq Why You Need Cyber Insurance And What You Should Know
11/11/19 Ooda Loop Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone
11/10/19 silicon Angle As cloud security improves, a weak link emerges: people
11/08/19 Threatpost Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone
11/08/19 JD Supra Another Day, Another Data Breach — an Update on Data Security
11/07/19 News BTC The Essential Crossroads of Privacy and Blockchain
11/03/19 The Business Post Storm clouds ahead 🔒
11/02/19 Komando How to freeze your credit for free - and why you should
11/01/19 LA Times Take these steps to protect your online data
11/01/19 Law 360 Data Privacy Laws, Hackers Put Cyber Insurance In Spotlight 🔒
10/31/19 Fox Business Here’s what you need to know about the data breach
10/30/19 Threat Post Murky Details Surround Bed, Bath and Beyond Breach
10/30/19 Open Minds Is Your Executive Team Ready To Pay A Cyberattack Ransom?
10/29/19 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 29 October 2019
10/28/19 Channel Futures Risk Based Security Targets Further Growth with New Reseller Program
10/28/19 PR Web Risk Based Security Announces Reseller Program
10/25/19 TechTarget Cyber insurance has changed incident response -- for better or worse
10/19/19 Fox Business Cash is still king in the United States — but for how much longer?
10/17/19 IT Security Central 20 Data Security Risks Your Company Could Face in 2020
10/11/19 Memphis Business Journal Why you need cyber insurance and what you should know
10/04/19 Superior Telegram Stepping up to secure your data
10/03/19 Daze Info What You Can Learn From 2018’S Worst And Biggest Two Data Breaches?
10/02/19 Forbes Cyber Security For Startups: A Step-By-Step Guide
9/26/19 Chief Investment Officer Cyber-insurance sees an uptick as businesses prepare for potential breaches
9/26/19 Security Boulevard 2019 could be a record-breaking year for data breaches
9/26/19 Security Boulevard Keeping Your Business Safe in the Cloud Era
9/25/19 Analytics India Magazine Top 3 Reasons Why Your Data Needs Encryption
9/24/19 Business2Community Software Defined Perimeters (SDP) – Your IoT Security Savior?
9/20/19 Newsmax Here's How You Can Survive Data Breaches
9/20/19 IoT For All How to Ensure IoT Security in a World That Cannot Be Trusted
9/20/19 Daily Tribute - Bahrain Privacy Gets More Teeth in Bahrain
9/19/19 The Federalist What’s Happening Inside The Fight To Break Up Big Tech
9/19/19 ZDNet Two years later, hackers are still breaching local government payment portals
9/19/19 Payment Source Fighting breaches means admitting we're all vulnerable
9/18/19 Fox Business Looking for work? These are the highest paying jobs and companies in 2019
9/17/19 TechTarget New application security risks lead IT teams to DevSecOps
9/16/19 Security Magazine 2019 on Track to Be Worst Year for Data Breach Activity
9/9/19 Data Breach Today Software Bugs: Gotta Catch 'Em All?
9/9/19 Bank Info Security Software Bugs: Gotta Catch 'Em All?
9/5/19 Help Net Critical vulnerabilities uncovered in Danfoss SCADA product, patch now!
9/4/19 Threatpost Critical Bugs Open Food-Safety Systems to Remote Attacks
9/4/19 Cyber Security Hub Top 8 Industries Reporting Data Breaches In The First Half Of 2019
9/4/19 Tech Times Importance Of Cybersecurity for Businesses
9/4/19 IOL Massive penalties for data breaches
9/3/19 Forbes AI Stats News
9/3/19 Patch 2 Big NJ Laws Take Effect Now
8/30/19 Fox Business Russell Stover Chocolates hit by data breach - what customers need to know
8/30/19 JD Supra One-Third of Security Vulnerabilities Remain Unpatched
8/29/19 National Law Review One-Third of Security Vulnerabilities Remain Unpatched
8/28/19 CU today 2019 On Track to Be Worst Year for Data Breaches
8/28/19 Eyetro Digital New Reports on Data Breach Reveal Surprising Numbers for 2019
8/28/19 IT Wire Internet Society weighs up the cost to business of cyber security breaches
8/27/19 Bedford Bulletin Security experts warn to turn off your Bluetooth
8/26/19 OODA Loop Cybersecurity alert: 34% of vulnerabilities found this year remain unpatched
8/26/19 heise online CVE Situation Picture 2019: Debian, SUSE, Oracle Lead First-Half Vulnerability Ranking
8/26/19 BRI Alerts #1273404: Five vendors accounted for 24.1% of vulnerabilities in 2019 so far
8/26/19 Help Net Security Five vendors accounted for 24.1% of vulnerabilities in 2019 so far
8/23/19 Beta News Five vendors account for nearly a quarter of all vulnerabilities
8/23/19 TechRepublic Cybersecurity alert: 34% of vulnerabilities found this year remain unpatched
8/24/19 Cinq fournisseurs seulement concernés par environ un quart des vulnérabilités au premier semestre 2019
8/23/19 24/7 Wall St A Third of Known Computer Security Flaws Have No Solution
8/23/19 ESR Check Report Finds 2019 on Track to Be Another “Worst Year on Record” for Data Breach Activity
8/23/19 Clear Critique Cybersecurity alert: 34% of vulnerabilities found this year remain unpatched
8/22/19 Fox News Turn off your Bluetooth, warn security experts
8/21/19 CISO Mag Around 4000 Data Breaches reported in the first half of 2019
8/21/19 CIO Dive Data breaches up 54% YOY, 2019 set to be 'worst year on record'
8/21/19 Consumer Affairs Nearly 4,000 data breaches have exposed 4.1 billion consumer records so far in 2019
8/21/19 Digital Transactions Data Breaches Are on a Record-Setting Pace in 2019, Researcher Says
8/20/19 Forbes Data Breaches Expose 4.1 Billion Records In First Six Months Of 2019
8/20/19 Komando Use this one trick to protect yourself as data breaches hit all-time high
8/19/19 SC Magazine First half 2019 sees 4,000 data breaches exposing 4B records
8/19/19 formtek Security: Hacking Incidents up 54% so far in 2019
8/19/19 abc7 CONSUMER CATCH-UP: 2019 on track to set record for most data breaches
8/19/19 PrivSecReport #privacy: US data breach levels are skyrocketing in 2019
8/18/19 USA Today Billions of records exposed: 2019 on track to be worst year ever for data breaches
8/16/19 Threatpost 4.1B Records Exposed in Breaches in First Half of 2019
8/16/19 Help Net Security 3,813 breaches were reported through June 30, exposing over 4.1 billion records
8/15/19 Security Magazine More Than 4.1 Billion Records Exposed in 2019
8/15/19 Computer Weekly 2019 set to be another record year for data breaches
8/15/19 24/7 Wall St 2019 on Track to Become Worst Year Ever for Data Breaches
8/15/19 Dark Reading More Than 20 Data Breaches Reported Per Day in First Half of 2019
8/15/19 BetaNews Over 3,800 data breaches reported in the first half of 2019
8/15/19 TechRepublic Data breaches increased 54% in 2019 so far
8/15/19 Dark Reading 5 Things to Know About Cyber Insurance
8/14/19 The Financial Brand Make Digital Banking Both Seamless and Secure or Consumers Will Walk
8/12/19 TechTarget Why cyber insurance policies are so 'ridiculously cheap'
7/26/19 Influential Data Loss Prevention Market report is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.59% during the forecast period of (2018 – 2023)
7/22/19 IT Pro Today Black Hat 2019: Cyber Insurance Joins the Security Conversation
07/22/19 New Kerala Device42 Partners with VulnDB, Adds Software Vulnerability Management
07/10/19 formtek Security: Is Hack-Proof Software even Possible?
07/10/19 Information Security Magazine Cyber-Attacks Cost Global Firms $45bn in 2018
07/09/19 Internet Society 2018 Cyber Incident & Breach Trends Report
07/09/19 IT World Canada Focus on IT security basics to prevent breaches, urges report
06/30/19 Financial Planning 24 Global Data Loss Prevention Market Size, Trends, CAGR Status, Market Growth, Analysis and Forecast
06/27/19 Yahoo! Finance Offensive Security Allows Enterprises to More Easily Invest in Cyber Skills Training and Certification
06/25/19 Yahoo! Finance Device42 Partners with VulnDB, Adds Software Vulnerability Management
06/21/19 eSecurityPlanet Gartner's Top IT Security Projects for 2019
06/18/19 Yahoo! Finance JFrog Announces Unified Pipeline Experience to Liquefy DevOps
06/13/19 Business Maverick Visual surveillance and weak cyber security, Part One: When cameras get dangerous
06/10/19 TechRadar Half of your online logins could be passwordless in the next five years
06/03/19 eSecurity Planet Email Still a Major Attack Vector: Security Research
06/01/19 Harmon Express Data Loss Prevention Market Report 2019-2023
05/24/19 Week In Review: IoT, Security, Auto
05/22/19 SecurityWeek Critical Vulnerabilities Plague South Korean ActiveX Controls
05/22/19 Security Affairs ActiveX Controls in South Korean websites are affected by critical flaws
05/22/19 Nextgov Inside the Government’s Open Source Software Conundrum
05/22/19 The Cyberwire The Cyberwire daily podcast
05/22/19 Root Daemon Critical Vulnerabilities Plague South Korean ActiveX Controls
05/20/19 OODA Loop Q1 2019 Smashes Record For Most Reported Vulnerabilities in a Quarter
05/20/19 Help Net Security Over half of all reported vulnerabilities in Q1 2019 have a remote attack vector
05/18/19 OPSEC.ASIA Q1 2019 Smashes Record For Most Reported Vulnerabilities in a Quarter
05/17/19 Dark Reading Q1 2019 Smashes Record For Most Reported Vulnerabilities in a Quarter
05/17/19 CyberWire Daily Briefing
05/17/19 Threat Post How Decoding Network Traffic Can Save Your Data Bacon
05/14/19 Z6 Mag Almost Half Of Australians Have Been Victims Of The Biggest Cyber Attack In History
05/10/19 Dark Reading Hackers Still Outpace Breach Detection, Containment Efforts
05/10/19 Parsippany Focus Privacy protections for Internet users strengthened under Webber legislation
05/09/19 Z6 Mag 2019 Could Be The ‘Worst Year In Record’ As The Number Of Reported Data Leaks Reached ‘New Level’
05/09/19 Security Boulevard Breach Incidents on Record Pace for 2019
05/09/19 Credit Union Times 2019 Could Be ‘Worst Year on Record’ for Data Breaches
05/09/19 Help Net Security 3 months, 1900 reported breaches, 1.9 billion records exposed
05/09/19 Sensors Tech Forum 1.9 Billion Records Exposed in Data Breaches in Q1 of 2019
05/08/19 CTO Vision 90% of data breaches in US occur in New York and California
05/08/19 Data Center Knowledge 1,903 total reported breaches in the first quarter of this year
05/08/19 BRI Orgs Are Quicker to Disclose Breaches Reported to Them Via External Sources
05/07/19 BetaNews Reported data breaches up more than 56 percent
05/07/19 Investing News Cybercrime Costs Average US$9.25 Million for Canadian Companies
05/07/19 24/7 Wall St Online Privacy Is Getting Worse: Data Breaches in 2019 on Track to Top Last Year’s Total
05/07/19 Dark Reading Orgs Are Quicker to Disclose Breaches Reported to Them Via External Sources
05/07/19 TechRepublic 90% of data breaches in US occur in New York and California
05/02/19 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider daily business update
05/01/19 Frankfort Journal Global Data Loss Prevention Market 2018 Latest Trends, Research Analysis and Regional Growth Forecast
04/10/19 Hashed Out 80 Eye-Opening Cyber Security Statistics for 2019
04/09/19 LA Times Equifax and FICO are getting into bed together. ‘This should keep everyone up at night
04/05/19 Infosecurity Magazine Industry 4.0 at Risk as Manufacturers Fail to Patch
03/07/19 Security Intelligence Comprehensive Vulnerability Management in Connected Security Solutions
03/04/19 Help Net Security A third of 2018’s vulnerabilities have public exploits, 50% can be exploited remotely
03/04/19 Dark Reading Bounty Hunters Find 100K+ Bugs Under HackerOne Program in 2018
03/04/19 Tech Republic 3 reasons businesses are still failing at strong cybersecurity
02/27/19 Dark Reading More Than 22,000 Vulns Were Disclosed in 2018, 27% Without Fixes
02/20/19 Credit Union Times Breach Activity Down in 2018 Versus 2017, New Data Shows
02/15/19 IT World Canada Cyber Security Today: Feb. 15, 2019 — Another huge file of stolen credentials for sale, how bad was 2018 and phony U.S. military web site spotted
02/15/19 TechRepublic The year 2018 was the second most active year on record for data breaches, report says
02/13/19 Dark Reading 2018 Was Second-Most Active Year for Data Breaches
02/13/19 24/7 Wall St 5 Billion Records Exposed in 2018 Data Breaches
01/31/19 Forbes Are Data Hacks Pushing People Towards Secure Blockchain Identity Systems?
01/24/19 BestTechie JFrog partnering with RBS to combat digital threats
01/07/19 CEO Magazine The greatest threat to your organisation – and what to do about it


Date Outlet Article
12/06/18 Sanvada Mega-Breaches and Hacking in 2018 May Be the Worst Year Yet
12/05/18 Security Boulevard One-third of All Vulnerabilities Rated High Risk
12/03/18 Information Age How can businesses uphold trust in a zero-trust environment?
11/29/18 eSecurity Planet Cybersecurity Threats Keep Evolving, Research Shows
11/20/18 Help Net Security 66.1% of vulnerabilities published through Q3 2018 have a documented solution
11/19/18 Dark Reading Vulnerabilities Dip 7%, but Researchers Are Cautious
11/19/18 BetaNews Almost a quarter of reported vulnerabilities have no known solution
11/16/18 Healthcare IT News Hacking and mega-breaches: 2018 the worst year yet?
11/13/18 ISBuzz News 2018 Breaches That Exposed 3.6 Billion Records
11/12/18 Dark Reading 2018 on Track to Be One of the Worst Ever for Data Breaches
11/12/18 Help Net Security Reported breaches in the first 9 months of 2018 exposed 3.6 billion records
11/08/18 Infosecurity Magazine Nearly 4,000 Breaches Disclosed in 2018
11/08/18 24/7 Wall St. Data Breaches Have Exposed 3.6 Billion Records So Far in 2018
11/08/18 BetaNews Number of data breaches falls but 2018 is still set to be the second worst year on record
10/09/18 Bankrate Froze your Experian credit report? Time for a new PIN
10/04/18 Security Boulevard Experian Helps Companies Improve Data Breach Preparedness Efforts
10/03/18 PaymentsJournal Credit Card Fraud: Now at a City or Village Near You
10/01/18 SC Media Cybersecurity: It’s a budgetary priority, right?
09/19/18 Digitpol Click2Gov Attacks on U.S. Cities Attributed to Previously Unknown Group
09/19/18 ZDNet Hackers swipe card numbers from local government payment portals
09/17/18 CanadaOne Protect Yourself from Online Attacks Using Your Strongest Weapon: Knowledge
09/17/18 (IN)SECURE Magazine 2.6 billion records exposed in 2,300 disclosed breaches so far this year
09/13/18 Edgewise Networks Managing the Modern Data Center, On-Prem or in the Cloud
09/10/18 Security Boulevard Data Breach Notification Laws: Is it Time for a Uniform Standard?
09/7/18 Canadian Underwriter Where Canada ranks worldwide in cyber breaches
08/24/18 Infosecurity Magazine Admins Urged: Stop Everything and Patch New Apache Struts Flaw
08/21/18 San Angelo LIVE! City’s Water Payment Data Breach May Be the Work of Cryptocurrency Pirates
08/19/18 Security Brief Australia Over 2,300 data breaches disclosed so far in 2018 – report
08/17/18 ISBuzz News 2. 6 Bil Records Exposed In 2300 Breaches So Far In 2018 (Risk Based Security Mid-Year 2018 Report)
08/16/18 ITWire Australia fifth on global data breach list for HY2018
08/16/18 Help Net Security 2.6 billion records exposed in 2,300 disclosed breaches so far this year
08/16/18 MediaPost Data Breaches Fell In 2018, But Email Address Exposure Grew: Study
08/16/18 We Live Security Some 2.6 billion data records exposed in first half of 2018
08/15/18 24/7 Wall St Global Data Breaches Exposed Nearly 2.7 Billion Records First Half of 2018
08/15/18 Silicon Republic 2.6bn records have been exposed in data breaches so far this year
08/15/18 Credit Union Times Breaches Expose 2.6 Billion Records in First Half of 2018
08/14/18 The Register CVE? Nope. NVD? Nope. Serious must-patch type flaws skipping mainstream vuln lists – report
08/14/18 Help Net Security 10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2018
08/13/18 Dark Reading Vulnerability Disclosures in 2018 So Far Outpacing Previous Years
08/13/18 betanews Over 10,000 vulnerabilities disclosed this year so far
08/13/18 infosecurity More Than 10K Recorded Vulnerabilities in 2018
08/13/18 24/7 Wall St 25% of Known Computer Security Vulnerabilities Have No Fix
08/07/18 ASIS TV at Black Hat USA 2018
07/25/18 Statescoop A year later, cities using Click2Gov are still getting hacked
07/24/18 Cyberwire The CyberWire Daily Podcast
07/24/18 New York Post This is the $130,000-a-year job you’ve probably never heard of
07/24/18 Moneyish This gig can pay more than $130K — but you’ve probably never heard of it
07/23/18 Markets Insider University of Phoenix Survey Reveals U.S. Adults’ Familiarity with Data Security Jobs
07/23/18 Tech Republic Here’s what US adults actually know about cybersecurity
07/23/18 The Virginian-Pilot University of Phoenix Survey Reveals U.S. Adults’ Familiarity with Data Security Jobs
06/25/18 Becker’s Hospital Review 125+ cybersecurity companies in healthcare to know | 2018
06/25/18 GovTech Thousands Exposed in Municipal Website Breaches
06/21/18 Axios Codebook 1 big thing: The mystery of the municipal billing breaches
06/12/18 Security Boulevard Could It Be So? Data Breaches Decline in 2018?
06/01/18 Bleeping Computer Around 75% of Open Redis Servers Are Infected With Malware?
05/21/18 ATM Marketplace ATM skimming remains a top 5 trend in data breaches
05/16/18 eWeek Number of Vulnerabilities Grows in 1Q18 but So Does Pace of Disclosure
05/15/18 Security Boulevard Adobe Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability in Acrobat, Reader
05/15/18 Dark Reading Don’t Roll the Dice When Prioritizing Vulnerability Fixes
05/15/18 Infosecurity Magazine No Sign of Slow Down in Vulnerability Disclosure
05/15/18 Help Net Security The pace of vulnerability disclosure shows no signs of slowing
05/15/18 BetaNews Publicly disclosed vulnerabilities continue to rise
05/11/18 Credit Union Times Number of Data Breaches Actually Falls in Q1: Study
05/11/18 The Paypers Number of data breach incidents decreases in 2018
05/11/18 Security Boulevard Reported Data Breaches Falling Fast; Cryptojacking and GDPR Likely ‘Culprits’
05/10/18 Security Intelligence Data Breach Statistics Q1 2018: Disclosure Times Remain High as Total Numbers Fall
05/09/18 ComputerWeekly Breach disclosure time still high, report shows
05/09/18 HelpNetSecurity Breach activity declines, number of compromised records remains high
05/08/18 Dark Reading Publicly Disclosed Breaches Down Drastically in Q1 2018
05/08/18 Infosecurity Magazine Data Breaches Decline in Q1 2018
05/08/18 24/7 Wall St. World’s 10 Largest Data Breaches in 2018 Q1
05/07/18 Forbes O, Canada! The State Of Information Security North Of The Border
04/26/18 Ecommerce Times Researchers Create Hack to Unlock Millions of Hotel Room Doors
04/25/18 Ecommerce Times Amazon’s Latest Delivery Scheme Involves Handing Over Your Car Keys
04/10/18 TechNewsWorld Researchers to Put Facebook’s Role in Elections Under Magnifying Glass
03/28/18 TechBeacon Stay on top of the vulnerabilities you didn’t know about
03/26/18 The Register We need to go deeper: Meltdown and Spectre flaws will force security further down the stack
03/21/18 eSecurity Planet Types of Firewalls: What IT Security Pros Need to Know
03/05/18 Dark Reading Goes Away, Panic Ensues
03/01/18 Hotel News Resource Hotel Security: How to Protect Your Hotel and Your Guests from a Data Breach
02/26/18 Security Boulevard The Dirty Dozen Vendors Deluging Your Vulnerability Management Team
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