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9/28/21 BlackBerry Agenda and Speaker Line-Up Unveiled for BlackBerry Security Summit 2021
9/23/21 DataQuest Cybersecurity space witnesses accelerated growth and heightened inorganic activity led by pandemic triggered flexible WFH policies
9/18/21 Business Post Keeping data under control
9/7/21 ITProPortal Ensuring app security within software development lifecycle
9/3/21 Security Boulevard Executive Order on Zero Trust — What it Means for Federal Agencies
8/30/21 Redmond Microsoft to Azure Cosmos DB Users: Your Data May Have Been Exposed
8/30/21 EE|Times Vulnerability Disclosure Programs Need to Get Organized
8/27/21 TechTarget Researchers discover critical flaw in Azure Cosmos DB
8/25/21 Tech News World Study Warns Easy Access to Cloud Apps Putting Business Data at Risk
8/23/21 Wall Street Journal Pro: CyberSecurity Company Data Hoards Create Tempting Targets for Hackers
8/23/21 The Hacker News Researchers Detail Modus Operandi of ShinyHunters Cyber Crime Group
8/18/21 Wall Street Journal T-Mobile Says Hackers Stole Data on More Than 40 Million People
8/16/21 Crain's Chicago Business 'People are stealing information out of trash cans'
8/13/21 Health IT Security How Health Facilities Can Prevent, Mitigate Ransomware in 2021
8/6/21 DailyAdvent More than 12,500 vulnerabilities disclosed in first half of 2021: Risk Based Security
8/6/21 IT World Canada Cyber Security Today Week in Review for Aug. 6, 2021
8/6/21 Data Breaches Exposed 18 Billion Records In First Half Of 2021
8/6/21 BizReport Study: Data breaches down but security still at risk
8/6/21 Cyclonis Over 12,000 Vulnerabilities Discovered in 2021 So Far
8/5/21 FUNTITECH Over 12,500 vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2021: Risk-based security
8/5/21 ZDNet More than 12,500 vulnerabilities disclosed in first half of 2021: Risk Based Security
8/5/21 HIPAA Journal Healthcare Industry has Highest Number of Reported Data Breaches in 2021
8/5/21 My Tech Decisions What You Need To Know About Vulnerabilities and Data Breaches in 2021
8/5/21 Technology For You More than 12,500 vulnerabilities disclosed in first half of 2021: Risk Based Security
8/5/21 TechSpective Jake Kouns Discusses Why Better Vulnerability Data Matters for Effective Cybersecurity
8/4/21 News Logics Vulnerabilities return as people return to work
8/4/21 Diginomica Monetizing stolen data has never been easier, fueling more expensive breaches
8/4/21 Health IT Security Healthcare Data Breaches Most Common Threats to Date in 2021
8/4/21 Security Magazine Data breaches in the first half of 2021 exposed 18.8 billion records
8/4/21 The CyberWire Daily Briefing V10 | Issue 149
8/4/21 Solutions Review Risk Based Security Releases 2021 Mid Year Data Breach and Vulnerability QuickView Reports
8/3/21 TechSpective Podcast TechSpective Podcast 071 - Jake Kouns
7/18/21 Venture Beat What to expect for cybersecurity investment as we emerge from the pandemic
7/13/21 TechTarget Why patching vulnerabilities is still a problem, and how to fix it
7/2/21 GCN Why quantum and data protection should go hand in hand
6/25/21 Tech Aeris How digital transformation helps reduce cyber risk
6/21/21 EE|Times SolarWinds Fallout: Are SBOMs The Answer?
6/20/21 Analytics Insight Cybersecurity Post Covid-19: The Opportunity for a Safer Cyber Future
6/19/21 Fox News Worst hackers avoid attacking Eastern European countries: reports
6/19/21 Texas News Today Worst hackers avoid attacks on Eastern European countries: Report
6/7/21 13 ABC Avoiding Cyber Attacks: Owens offers course to help community
6/4/21 EE Times SolarWinds Fallout: Breach Reporting Is a Mess
6/4/21 Gadgets 360 Your Data Is at Grave Risk: Here Are 6 Ways to Protect It From Hackers
5/26/21 FLA News At 14.7% CAGR, Unified Threat Management Market Size | Share, Trends, Growth | Latest Technology Industry Report, 2021-2027
5/25/21 The Daily Swig QNAP fixes critical RCE vulnerabilities in NAS devices
5/4/21 The Straits Times Data breaches spike
5/3/21 The Straits Times Data breach alerts in S'pore up on new reporting rules, more cyber threats: Experts
4/30/21 Fox Business Thieves break Experian's credit freeze, 'thaw' accounts: report
4/15/21 Forbes Digital Devices Took Over Our Lives In 2020: Here's How To Stay Secure
4/14/21 Forbes Everything You Wanted To Know About Homorphic Encryption (But Were Afraid To Ask)
4/9/21 BW Business World Key Cybersecurity Trends You Need To Keep An Eye On In 2021
4/6/21 Government Technology Opinion: Recent Hacks Prove U.S. Needs Federal Privacy Rules
4/6/21 Los Angeles Times Column: Facebook and Health Net hacks drive home the need for a national privacy law
3/29/21 Forbes The Key To Protect Sensitive Data Is Not To Have Sensitive Data
3/24/21 Security Boulevard How Ransomware Techniques Have Changed
3/6/21 Delfi.en Number of cyber attacks increased by 1.5 times during the lockdown
3/4/21 The Manila Times Cyber pandemic: A rising global threat
3/3/21 CoinTelegraph Oracle wants to bring blockchain to the masses through a crypto-secure data offering
3/3/21 Forbes 2020: The Year Humanity Lost to Hackers
3/1/21 Tech Digest 37 billion data records leaked in 2020, 140% year on year
3/1/21 Khaleej Times The importance of data privacy regulatory compliance
2/27/21 CIO Insight Key Benefits of Threat Intelligence Platforms
2/24/21 TripWire 10 Database Security Best Practices You Should Know
2/24/21 Marketing Interactive Analysis: Will Clubhouse's recent breach throw a wrench in its momentum?
2/19/21 Movies Games and Tech Biggest data breaches of 2020
2/19/21 Dark Reading How to Fine-Tune Vendor Risk Management in a Virtual World
2/16/21 IT Brief USA Vulnerability disclosures back to expected rates despite COVID disruption
2/16/21 Security Boulevard 6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles & Gain Executive Buy-in for Cybersecurity
2/16/21 Seeking Alpha Safe-T Group (NASDAQ: SFET): Work-From-Home And SolarWinds Hack Highlights Urgent Need for Advanced Cybersecurity
2/16/21 Security Brief USA Vulnerability disclosures back to expected rates despite COVID disruption
2/16/21 The Seattle Times Washington auditor's office warned agencies of data-breach risks. Then it got hacked
2/12/21 The Cyber Security . News Real Bug Volumes in 2020 Exceed Official CVEs by 29%: Report
2/12/21 IT Security News 2020 vulnerability disclosures on track to exceed those from 2019
2/12/21 Help Net Security 2020 vulnerability disclosures on track to exceed those from 2019
2/12/21 Info Security Group Real Bug Volumes in 2020 Exceed Official CVEs by 29%: Report
2/11/21 Dark Reading Pandemic Initially Led to Fewer Disclosed Vulnerabilities, Data Suggests
2/8/21 Myce DriveSure Data Breach Impacts 3.2M People
2/5/21 CISO Mag DriveSure Suffers Data Breach, Users' Data leaked on "Raidforums"
2/4/21 BBN Times 7 Best Practices for Database Security
2/3/21 IT Pro Portal How to vaccinate your organization against poor cyber hygiene in 2021
2/3/21 InfoSecurity Magazine Over Three Million US Drivers Exposed in Data Breach
2/3/21 IT World Canada Cyber Security Today - DriveSure customer data exposed, data theft hits Washington State's auditor, Wind River Systems hacked and more
1/29/21 Bank Info Security Reported US Data Breaches Declined by 19% in 2020
1/28/21 Dark Reading Breach Data Highlights a Pivot to Orgs Over Individuals
1/25/21 TripWire A Look at the Legal Consequence of a Cyber Attack
1/25/21 NetSec News More Than 37 Billion Records Were Exposed in Data Breaches in 2020
1/25/21 Security Risk Based Security releases its Year-End 2020 Data Breach Report
1/22/21 MediaPost Facebook Refers Trump Ban To Its Oversight Board 01/22/2021
1/22/21 InfoSecurity Magazine Human Error to Blame as Exposed Records Top 37 Billion in 2020
1/21/21 IT Security News Data breaches in 2020 decreased by 48% but the number of records exposed have exceeded 37 billion.
1/21/21 Unified Networking 2020 sees huge increase in records exposed in data breaches
1/21/21 Beta News 2020 saw fewer data breaches but more records exposed
1/21/21 Channel Futures Despite Drop in Data Breaches, Exposed Records Jump in 2020
1/21/21 Solutions Review Risk Based Security Reveals 2020 Year End Data Breach Report
1/21/21 Dark Reading Breach Data Shows Attackers Switched Gears in 2020
1/21/21 MediaPost Data Breaches Are Becoming More Sophisticated: Report 01/21/2021
1/7/21 Security Brief Australia New year, time to update your passwords


Date Outlet Article
12/29/20 MSSP Alert VulnDB Report: Microsoft 'Top' Vendor by Confirmed Vulnerabilities
12/21/20 Yahoo! Finance COVID-19 Reinforces Need for Federal Consumer Data Privacy Laws
12/16/20 Security Systems News Fighting Another "Pandemic"
12/16/20 Security Magazine 5 minutes with Jake Kouns - K-12 cybersecurity challenges during the pandemic
12/15/20 Data Center Knowledge The Pandemic Struck, and Cyber Criminals Went to Work
12/14/20 Vanilla Plus Global number of leaked files surges to a record 36 billion in 2020
12/11/20 Government Technology 2020: The Year the COVID-19 Crisis Brought a Cyber Pandemic
12/11/20 Security Boulevard The Cloud, The Breach, and the increased role of CSPM
12/10/20 Help Net Security 2020 to reach vulnerability disclosure levels similar to those in 2019
12/9/20 Dark Reading Vulnerabilities Continue Around 2019 Pace
12/9/20 ThreatPost Record Levels of Software Bugs Plague Short-Staffed IT Teams in 2020
12/7/20 EE Times It's Time to Make the IT/OT Merger Finally Happen
12/3/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
12/3/20 Security Magazine The top 10 data breaches of 2020
12/2/20 Forbes Three Reasons To Invest In Risk Management And How To Get Started
12/1/20 EIN PressWire Mary York, CEO of York Public Relatinos, Joins Maine Bankers Association to Discuss Navigating a Cybersecurity Crisis
11/25/20 American Banker Executives must know their members when a crisis strikes
11/18/20 Tech Target 8 benefits of a security operatinos center
11/18/20 ToolBox Vertafore Data Breach Caused by Human Error Exposes Info of 27.7M Texans
11/16/20 The Financial Brand Five Ways Financial Institutions Drive People Out the Door
11/5/20 Tech Beacon More authorities, more CVEs: What it means for app sec teams
11/5/20 Tech Target Why ethical use of data is so important to enterprises
11/2/20 ToolBox 36 Billion Data Records Exposed (So Far) in 2020: Risk Based Security
11/2/20 CISO Mag 36 Bn Records Exposed in Data Breaches in 2020
11/2/20 Security Magazine Data breach reports were down 51% in the first three quarters of 2020
10/30/20 Help Net Security Breaches down 51%, exposed records set new record with 36 billion so far
10/30/20 InfoSecurity Magazine Number of "Breached" Records Hits 36 Billion in 2020
10/29/20 Dark Reading First the Good News: Number of Breaches Down 51% Year Over Year
10/29/20 24/7 WallStreet 2020 Will Easily Set All-Time High for Breached Data Records
10/29/20 IT Pro 36 billion personal records exposed by hacks in 2020 so far
10/29/20 Security Boulevard Identity Management for Developers: Why it's required more than ever
10/26/20 CyberWire Venomous Bear and Charming Kitten are mentioned in dispatches. Ryuk targets hospitals. Maze shutdown?
10/26/20 Startup .Info Market-Leading Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence from Risk Based Security Helps Organizations Navigate Difficult Times says Jake Kouns
10/22/20 Security Magazine How a culture of privacy can help protect your business from ransomware
10/15/20 EIN PressWire York Public Relations Reveals that 42% of Consumers Would End Banking Relationship Following Data Breach/Cybersecurity
10/15/20 InfoSecurity Magazine US Data Breach Volumes Plummet 30% in 2020
10/9/20 Dechipher Morgan Stanley to Pay $60 Million Fine for 2016 Data Breach
10/9/20 TechBeacon Special Report: National Vulnerability Database Analysis
10/9/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
10/06/20 MoneyWise Americans Foresee a Cashless Future - Here's How to Shop Securely Without Paper Money
9/23/20 Forbes Steering a Cybersecurity PR Crisis in 2020
9/25/20 IT World Canada Cyber Security Today - More ransomware, another clumsy employee, beware of these social media tricks, online gamers attacked and more
9/21/20 Data Center Knowledge Netwalker, the Powerful New Strain of Ransomware Used Against Equinix
9/16/20 WTVR Richmond News Avoiding hackers during virtual learning
9/9/20 Nairametrics FITC/NIBSS to host largest financial services sector cybersecurity conference in Africa
9/8/20 Virginia Mercury Absent a comprehensive national strategy, Virginia considers tightening data privacy and security laws
9/2/20 Business Wire Sysdig Strengthens Vulnerability Intelligence Reporting with VulnDB Partnership
9/1/20 OA Online Sysdig Strengthens Vulnerability Intelligence with VulnDB Partnership
9/1/20 Enterprise Talk Google and Microsoft Report Fewer Vulnerabilities in First Half of 2020
8/31/20 Tech Republic Microsoft, Oracle, and Google top list of companies with most vulnerabilities disclosed in Q2
8/28/20 Security Magazine Number of vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2020 decreased by 8.2%
8/28/20 Windows Report Vulnerability reports in 2020 likely to exceed last year's
8/28/20 Help Net Security Vulnerability reporting is returning to normal
8/27/20 Beta News 2020 vulnerabilities expected to exceed last year's
8/27/20 Dark Reading Vulnerability Volume Poised to Overwhelm Infosec Teams
8/26/20 CMS Wire 4 Reasons Why Data Privacy Will Impact Your Bottom Line
8/24/20 EdTech Tips on Reducing Key Remote Learning Security Risks
8/21/20 Channel Partners Week’s Top 7 Stories: Telarus, CenturyLink, Other Providers Earn Recognition
8/20/20 Diginomica Enterprise penetration testing is a security audit IT can't fudge
8/19/20 CISOMAG Publicly Reported Data Breaches Stand at its Lowest Point in 5 Years
8/18/20 HelpNet Security Publicly reported data breaches down 52%, exposed records way up!
8/17/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
8/17/20 Dark Reading Reported Breach Count for H1 2020 Lowest in Five Years
8/17/20 Channel Partners Publicly Reported Data Breaches Fall, But Records Exposed Escalates
8/17/20 Security Magazine Data breach reports down 52% in the first half of 2020; Number of records exposed increase to 27 billion
8/17/20 Wilders Security Forum Over 27 billion records exposed in the first half of 2020
8/17/20 BetaNews Over 27 billion records exposed in the first half of 2020
8/17/20 InfoSecurity Reported Data Breaches Down by 52% in 2020
8/4/20 Silicon Angle Studies find epidemic of human errors threatens cloud security
7/12/20 Security Boulevard Police Buy Hacked Data, to Fish for Evidence—Is That Even Legal?
7/10/20 TechBeacon 30 app sec stats that matter
7/8/20 Pulse Law enforcement agencies are using a legal loophole to buy up personal data exposed by hackers
7/8/20 Business Insider Law enforcement agencies are using a legal loophole to buy up personal data exposed by hackers
7/1/20 InfoSecurity The Challenge of Third-Party Compliance Management
6/30/20 Digital Information World Survey Revealed That 50 Percent of People Keep Their Social Media Accounts Public and Open
6/30/20 What Is SOC2 Compliance & How Does It Affect Your Business?
6/29/20 Cyclonis “Preen.Me” Has Compromised the Details of 250,000 Social Media Influencers
6/25/20 Personal Data of 350,000+ Social Media Influencers and Users Compromised Following Preen.Me Hack
6/25/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
6/25/20 TriStarTechSolutions 350,000 Social Media Influencers and Users at Risk Following Data Breach
6/25/20 Wilder Security Forum 350,000 Social Media Influencers and Users at Risk Following Data Breach
6/21/20 Inc42 How Cloud Computing Is Transforming And Revolutionising Cybersecurity In India?
6/9/20 Security Boulevard The Threat of Compromised Passwords
6/2/20 Security Boulevard Managing Cybersecurity Risks Up & Down the Supply Chain
6/1/20 National Cyber Security News Today Q1 data breaches down, but exposed records reach new high
5/29/20 Fox News FBI reveals how alleged scammer stole personal identities
5/29/20 CyberWire NSA warns of ongoing GRU campaign. Steganography against industrial targets. Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Notes on COVID-19.
5/29/20 The Register Great news. Patch load drops 20% for the first time in 10 years. Bad news: Well, you've heard about coronavirus?
5/29/20 Help Net Security Despite lower number of vulnerability disclosures, security teams have their work cut out for them
5/28/20 Dark Reading Vulnerability Disclosures Drop in Q1 for First Time in a Decade
5/22/20 Salty Sardonic Data Breach Exposes Four Million Dating App Users
5/21/20 Gearbrain Data Breach Weekly Security Report: Which company lost control of your information this week
5/15/20 InfoTech News 2020 Q1 Data Breach QuickView Report: a 273% increase compared to Q1 2019
5/15/20 Security Boulevard The Definitive Cyber Security Statistics Guide for 2020
5/14/20 Computing Do we need tougher breach notification rules?
5/12/20 Help Net Security Total number of publicly reported breaches in Q1 2020 down 58% compared to last year
5/12/20 TechTarget Q1 data breaches down, but exposed records reach new high
5/11/20 24/7 Wall St 8.4 Billion Records Exposed in Q1 Data Breaches
5/11/20 Dark Reading Data Breaches Declined in Q1 2020 Over Q1 2019 -- Or Did They?
5/11/20 Digital News Daily Data Breaches Fell In Q1, But The Number Of Records Exposed Went Up: Study
5/11/20 InfoSecurity Data Breach Exposes Four Million Dating App Users
5/8/20 Threat Post Hackers Breach 3.5 Million MobiFriends Dating App Credentials
5/8/20 ZDNet Dating app MobiFriends silent on security breach impacting 3.6 million users
5/1/20 Digital Commerce 360 4 security threats retailers should watch out for during the rest of 2020
4/30/20 Dark Reading User-Friendly Cybersecurity: Is a Better UX the Key to a Better Defense?
4/29/20 County17 Hacker's Brief
4/28/20 Forbes 3 Digital Realities Arising From The Covid19 Pandemic
4/26/20 The Coin Republic Protect Yourself From Scammers Who Use Coronavirus Stimulus Payment To Snip Money
4/23/20 CNBC Scammers are using fake coronavirus stimulus payment sites to steal your money
4/19/20 Be[In]Crypto Four Million Quidd User Login Credentials Go Up for Sale on Dark Web
4/14/20 Dark Reading Patch-a-Palooza: More Than 560 Flaws Fixed in a Single Day
4/14/20 Forbes The Next Cyber Breach Could Be Closer Than You Think
4/14/20 Security Week Credentials of 4 Million Quidd Users Found on Dark Web
4/14/20 Security Affairs 4 Million Quidd account details shared on hacking forums
4/14/20 HackRead 4 million Quidd user accounts dumped on hacker forum for download
4/14/20 ITProPortal Account credentials of four million Quidd users exposed online
4/14/20 InfoSecurity Magazine Four Million Quidd User Credentials Found on Dark Web
4/14/20 Digit Quidd User Credentials Leaked and Shared on Hacker Forums
4/14/20 ZDNet Account details for 4 million Quidd users shared on hacking forum
4/9/20 ITPro Businesses brace for second 'Fujiwhara effect' of 2020 as Patch Tuesday looms
4/8/20 Forbes How To Clean Your Digital Clutter
4/8/20 The Future of Things Managing Growing Numbers of Vulnerabilities with Prioritized Patching
4/6/20 IndustryWeek IT/OT Convergence is Here, But Are You Secure?
3/23/20 Expert Insights Why ‘Better Data Matters’ for Vulnerability Intelligence and Risk Ratings: Risk Based Security
3/17/20 Messenger-Inquirer How the cloud has opened new doors for hackers
3/16/20 Surrey Now-Leader When was the last time you changed your important passwords?
3/12/20 UberKnowledge #105 Jake Kouns — CEO & CISO, Risk Based Security
3/5/20 TechTarget Risky ransomware payments on the rise, attacks increasing
3/4/20 Boss Magazine As access to data increases, so does its potential for impact and risk
3/4/20 HelpNet Security Social engineering: Mind the identity verification gap
3/4/20 Security Boulevard Why is identity and access management so important in preventing data breaches?
3/4/20 Security Boulevard Lessons Learned from 2019’s Biggest Data Breaches
3/2/20 Washington Post How the cloud has opened new doors for hackers
3/1/20 CoinTelegraph Blockchain Storage Offers Security, but Leaves Data Transparent
2/28/20 CTNewsJunkie Voter Privacy Bill Raised & Panned By News Media
2/27/20 CNBC The latest ways identity thieves are targeting you — and what to do if you are a victim
2/19/20 Help Net Security A third of all vulnerabilities in 2019 had a CVSS v2 score of 7.0 and above
2/19/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
2/18/20 Benzinga Risk Based Security's VulnDB team aggregated 22,316 newly-disclosed vulnerabilities in 2019. 37.3% of vulnerabilities had available exploit code or a Proof of Concept
2/18/20 Security Week Over 22,000 Vulnerabilities Disclosed in 2019: Report
2/18/20 Cision Risk Based Security’s VulnDB team aggregated 22,316 newly-disclosed vulnerabilities in 2019. 37.3% of vulnerabilities had available exploit code or a Proof of Concept
2/18/20 StateScoop Cities are fleeing payment platform Click2Gov after data-breach resurgence
2/15/20 SC Magazine UK (🔒) Why cloud risk will raise business risk in 2020
2/14/20 CyberWire Daily briefing
2/14/20 PRWeb Total records exposed in 2019 hit 15.1 billion, an increase of 284% on the previous year, as number of breaches reaches an all-time high
2/13/20 Security Magazine More than 15.1 Billion Records Exposed in 2019
2/12/20 Dark Reading Third-Party Breaches — and the Number of Records Exposed — Increased Sharply in 2019
2/12/20 Security Week Over 15.1 Billion Records Exposed in Data Breaches in 2019
2/11/20 Help Net Security In 2019, a total of 7,098 reported breaches exposed 15.1 billion records
2/11/20 Channel Futures Last Year ‘Worst on Record’ for Breaches, Data Exposure
2/11/20 CyberWire Daily Briefing
2/11/20 IT Security News A total of 7,098 reported breaches exposed 15.1 billion records
2/10/20 Beta News 15.1 billion records exposed in 2019 as data breaches hit a new high
2/06/20 Silicon India 5 Biggest Data Breaches of the Last Decade
2/05/20 CPO Magazine The Four Es for Overcoming Cybersecurity Talent Shortages With Training
2/05/20 Dark Reading 8 of the 10 Most Exploited Bugs Last Year Involved Microsoft Products
1/31/20 Miami Herald Here are seven phrases that can help your business avert cybersecurity attacks
1/31/20 Security Boulevard Who Do You Trust?
1/25/20 Gov Tech Most Popular Cybersecurity Blog Posts from 2019
1/24/20 The Telegraph Why you should work with your rivals to tackle cyber threats
1/22/20 Forbes Why Are We Losing The Cyberwar?
1/22/20 GeekWire Microsoft exposed 250M customer service records due to ‘misconfiguration’ of internal database
1/22/20 Fox Business Former FCC official: Can Big Tech be reined in by rules it consistently breaks?
1/21/20 CMS Wire Customer Trust: Are We Experiencing an Existential Crisis?
1/21/20 Compliance Week Proposed bill seeks to help non-federal entities improve cyber-security
1/20/20 Las Vegas Sun A beginner’s guide to cybersecurity
1/20/20 Formtek Security: 2019 Worst on Record for Cybersecurity
1/17/20 Dark Reading Massive Oracle Patch Reverses Company's Trend Toward Fewer Flaws
1/17/20 Adify Media News Prevention Market 2020-2023 Research Report
1/16/20 Security Boulevard 2019 in Review: Data Breach Statistics and Trends
1/13/20 Security Magazine Four Ways to Achieve a Zero Trust Security Model
1/12/20 News Tribune BBB Tips: Watch out for data breaches big and small
1/10/20 Tom's Hardware Amazon Accuses Honey Extension of Being a Security Risk
1/09/20 MSSP Alert What Is the 'Fujiwhara Effect' of Vulnerability Patching?
1/09/20 WIRED Amazon Takes a Swipe at PayPal's $4 Billion Acquisition
1/09/20 IT Pro Portal Businesses will need to be more data savvy in 2020 to reap rewards of Big Data
1/07/20 Asia One You may be the biggest cybersecurity threat to your company
1/07/20 CISO Platform 2019 Biggest Breaches: 2019 The “Worst Year On Record” For Breaches
1/03/20 TechRadar You’ve been hit by a data breach – now what?
1/03/20 The Daily Swig Colorado municipality falls victim to Click2Gov software breach
1/01/20 CNBC These 5 high-paying, growing jobs didn’t exist a decade ago—but they’ll be booming through the 2020s


Date Outlet Article
12/31/19 2019: A Banner Year (And Bumper Data Crop) For Hackers
12/30/19 Forbes Cybersecurity Trends And Best Practices For Insurers And Businesses
12/30/19 News 13: Spectrum News Companies and Clients Hard Hit by 2019 Data Breaches
12/30/19 Forbes The Best Fails of 2019: Data, AI...and IPOs
12/30/19 Clearance Jobs Top Security Breaches of 2019: Another Bad Year for Cybersecurity
12/27/19 Security Magazine A Look Back at the Most Prominent Data Breaches in 2019
12/27/19 CNBC The 10 biggest data hacks of the decade
12/23/19 Forbes Are Spreadsheets The Silent Killer For Large Enterprises?
12/21/19 Philadelphia Inquirer Wawa has called in the FBI to probe its nine-month-long data breach
12/20/19 San Francisco Chronicle Wawa hit with massive data breach, potentially affecting more than 850 locations, CEO says
12/19/19 Dark Reading How a Password-Free World Could Have Prevented the Biggest Breaches of 2019
12/18/19 Internet Retailing 2020 VISIONS Six security risks across retail and ecommerce for the year ahead
12/18/19 Glavin’s Tech Talk: A Year in Review
12/17/19 CNBC The 5 biggest data hacks of 2019
12/17/19 CNET Biggest data breaches of 2019: Same mistakes, different year
12/13/19 Dark Reading Lessons Learned from 7 Big Breaches in 2019
12/13/19 Solutions Review 3 Ways Enterprise Endpoint Security Can Prevent Data Breaches
12/11/19 Forbes Six Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020
12/10/19 PrivSec Report #Privacy: Top ten data breaches of 2019
12/09/19 Global Finance Magazine Public Enemy Number One
12/06/19 Data Economy Why A Human Firewall Is The Biggest Defence Against Data Breach
12/05/19 Security Magazine The Top 12 Data Breaches of 2019
12/04/19 Forbes How To Recognize False Claims And Avoid Cybersecurity 'Snake Oil'
12/03/19 teiss 5,183 breaches in first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9b data records
12/03/19 Jerusalem Post Planning Your Privacy: How to Prepare For The Unexpected
12/02/19 InfoSecurity Magazine Proactively Protecting Sensitive Data
12/02/19 PR Newswire JFrog Powers DevSecOps on AWS Marketplace, Announces the Availability of Xray; the Universal Continuous Security Tool
12/02/19 InfoSecurity Magazine Mixcloud Breach Hits Millions of Users
12/01/19 Peoria Observer Data Loss Prevention Market 2018
11/29/19 PrivSec Report #Privacy: 7.9 billion records compromised through 2019 so far
11/28/19 ABC WISN Feds investigating 15 Wisconsin companies for data breaches
11/28/19 InfoSecurity Magazine Risk Based Security Throws Shade at CVE Program
11/27/19 Forbes What To Know About Cyber Insurance
11/27/19 AMB Crypto How data leaks from Coinbase, BitMEX, and Binance pose a bigger question
11/26/19 Help Net Security CVE gap widens: 16,738 vulnerabilities disclosed during the first nine months of 2019
11/26/19 Ooda Loop Most Organizations Have Incomplete Vulnerability Information
11/26/19 Security Magazine Close to 17,000 New Computer Vulnerabilities Disclosed During 2019
11/26/19 National Security Most Organizations Have Incomplete Vulnerability …
11/26/19 NBC WESH2 Hacking your health: Millions of health records are stolen every year
11/25/19 DarkReading Most Organizations Have Incomplete Vulnerability Information
11/25/19 GeekWire T-Mobile discloses breach exposing more than 1M customers’ personal information
11/25/19 Daily Stock Dish Here‘s How You Can Survive Data Breaches
11/25/19 The Cyber Wire Daily briefing: Cyber Trends
11/25/19 InfoSecurity Magazine Risk Based Security Throws Shade at CVE Program
11/25/19 Varonis 110 Must-Know Cybersecurity Statistics for 2020
11/22/19 Forbes How To Shop Online More Securely This Holiday Season
11/22/19 CSO Sustained attacks on Australian education reflect data’s continued vulnerability
11/22/19 Tech Ballad Pardon the Intrusion # 5: In AI, we trust
11/22/19 Credit Union Times 3 Ways Case Management Benefits Fraud Investigations
11/21/19 Fox Business Disney+ data hits dark web, but Magic Kingdom claims no hack
11/20/19 Journal of Cyber Policy Is Russian Disinformation a Form of Hacking?
11/19/19 Security Boulevard Threat Hunting Strategies for 2020
11/19/19 JD Supra Countdown to the CCPA: What are the Potential Costs of a Data Breach?
11/18/19 Compliance Week Proactive approach needed in today’s cyber-crime environment
11/18/19 CIO Dive 'Golden bullet' clauses protect CISOs after a breach
11/17/19 Help Net Security Week in review: How to avoid lateral phishing, what’s the right time to red team?
11/15/19 PaymentSource Why payments fraud is turning into a rise of the machines
11/15/19 Channel Futures Cybersecurity Roundup: interview with Inga Goddijn
11/15/19 Ooda Loop 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/15/19 IS Buzz News Experts On The Record Setting Breaches For 2019 With Healthcare As A Top Target
11/15/19 Cloud Security Alliance Keeping Up With Changing Technology by Reducing Complexity
11/14/19 Help Net Security 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/14/19 Security Boulevard Record Number of Breaches and Leaked Records Registered in 2019, Study Shows
11/14/19 Dark Reading 2019 Trending as Worst Year on Record for Data Breaches
11/14/19 IT Security News 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/14/19 Infosec News Ireland 5,183 breaches from the first nine months of 2019 exposed 7.9 billion records
11/13/19 Security Magazine 7.9 Billion Records Exposed So Far in 2019
11/12/19 24/7 Wall St 2019 on Track to Become ‘Worst Year on Record’ for Data Breaches
11/12/19 Cyber Wire Daily briefing
11/12/19 Mondaq Why You Need Cyber Insurance And What You Should Know
11/11/19 Ooda Loop Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone
11/10/19 silicon Angle As cloud security improves, a weak link emerges: people
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