Security Intelligence Reports

Risk Based Security, Inc. is pleased to offer our Data Breach Intelligence Reporting Subscription service to organizations in need of on-going data breach information, analysis and security threat forecasts.

RBS’ Subscription Services are designed for organizations that need up-to-date data analytics to support security program development and improvement as well as risk management initiatives.

Clients can choose from the following services.

Security Intelligence Reports – Quarterly Review of the Global Data Breach Landscape including:

  • Global Overview of incidents
  • Summary by Industry & Sector
  • Analysis by Breach Type
  • Analysis by Threat Vector
  • Analysis by Data Family and Type
  • Analysis of Top 10 Breaches All Time
  • Average Exposed Records per Incident
  • Security Recommendations
  • Annual subscription Based

Customized Research Reports – Research Reports Focusing on a Limited Data Scope

  • Industry Specific Research
  • Business Sector
  • Threat Vector
  • Geo-location
  • Specific Date Range
  • Analysis by Breach Type
  • Data Type Exposed
  • Records per Incident
  • Price: Call with Research Scope

Clients may choose one or a combination of the services. Subscriptions can also be customized to your organization’s business sector, size and data analysis needs.

If you are ready to stop guessing about what constitutes your greatest security risk and are ready to know for sure, contact [email protected] to discuss the subscription service that’s right for you.