Cyber Risk Analytics

Risk Based Security has combined our extensive database of security breach details with interactive dashboards and analytics to offer clients a first of its kind risk identification and security management tool. Clients are able to gather and analyze security threat and data breach information on businesses, industries and geographies.

Unlike other information security service providers, Risk Based Security equips companies with the ability to ‘drill-down’ into the details of data security threats and vulnerabilities most relevant to their industry of interest. Access to this extensive, accurate and continually updated database provides clients with the comprehensive information needed to evaluate risk for the purposes of insurance underwriting, resource allocation and the establishment of a risk-based information security program.

Proprietary Risk Based Security dashboards can instantly create graphical representations of target data for ready analysis and risk assessment. Since our focus is to equip clients with the technology to turn security data into information and information into a competitive edge, Risk Based Security offers customized dashboards to meet the needs of…

  • Cyber-risk insurance brokers & underwriters
  • MGAs and Reinsurance Companies
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Risk Management Executives
  • Information Security & Risk Consultants
  • Cyber-risk Lawyers
  • Regulators

Risk Based Security dashboards and comprehensive reports provide details about the numbers of data breach incidents, records exposed, industry type, breach type, threat vectors, data type, data family, geo-location mapping and much more.

If you need to better understand the information security risks within a particular business sector, the field of education, medical services or government Risk Based Security data analysis and dashboard technologies can empower your organization with the details you need to support rapid and comprehensive risk identification.

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When You Need to See the Big Picture

You Need Risk Based Security’s Data Breach Analysis Subscriptions 


  • Customized Research Reports
  • Data Breach Intelligence Dashboards
  • Full Database Search Capabilities
  • Database Exports and API Features for Custom Research

What if there was a database containing industry specific detail on threat vectors and vulnerabilities? What if this database was easily accessible through analytical tools and dashboards designed to support risk analysis? The answer, your organization would have the power to identify the true risks to your most valuable assets.

Risk Based Security offers a full set of analytics, threat reports and user friendly dashboards designed specifically to identify security risks by industry.  Four options are available;  Customized Research Reports, Data Breach Intelligence Dashboards, Database Search Capabilities and Database Exports for Customized Research.

Call  855-RBS-RISK or eMail:  [email protected] to choose the Data Analysis subscription right for you. Customized Packages are also available.