The Security Improvement Plan results from both the Gap Analysis and the Risk Assessment activities and defines the recommended risk and compliance-related mitigation actions in order to improve the risk posture of the organization as well as to improve the compliance scores noted in the Gap Analysis.

The Security Improvement Plan defines the necessary risk mitigation and documentation efforts into discrete prioritized actions linked directly to the appropriate regulation/standard and the risks observed.

The Security Improvement Plan contains risk-reduction and compliance-enhancing actions required to move the organization into an acceptable risk posture and a higher state of compliance.

The Security Improvement Plan is divided into four sections describing the implementation phases of the improvement project; PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT. Each section has a list of prioritized actions designed to either increase compliance or lower risk.

The Security Improvement Plan is a working document and is intended to both guide the project team through the required actions and provide a means to track action ownership, resource estimates, priorities, target dates, current percent completion and appropriate status comments.

The Security Improvement Plan is a natural extension from the Risk Treatment Plans that are a part of the risk assessment and provides a roadmap of planned actions to share with management and external parties.

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