October 12 • RBS

Myth: “You Can’t Give a CVSS Score to a Vulnerability Without a CVE ID”

Who owns and maintains CVSS? Hint, it’s not MITRE. Even though the National Vulnerability Database […]

August 26 • RBS

What is Vulnerability Research?

Vulnerability research is the process where you research vulnerabilities and determine if any of them […]

April 27 • RBS

Taking a Closer Look at Zoom

When there is any crisis or major security event, you can count on a lot […]

February 14 • RBS

VulnDB Stories: How Secrecy Does Not Protect a Popular Mail Server

“Yet another story from the VulnDB engine room”, I hear you say. Yeah, but this […]

September 3 • RBS

Researchers Discover Vulnerable SCADA Product & Responsive SCADA Vendor

We previously published research about critical vulnerabilities in South Korean ActiveX controls and, soon after […]

October 22 • RBS

New libssh Vulnerability – No Logo But Plenty Of Attention

Earlier this week, Andreas Schneider announced the release of a new version of libssh, covering “an important security” […]

March 6 • RBS

Meltdown and Spectre – The Gifts That Keep On Giving

It’s been some time since the news of the Intel processor vulnerabilities dubbed Meltdown and […]

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