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Vulnerability Intelligence for Device42

Better Vulnerability Data = Better Security

At Risk Based Security®, we have always believed that one of the critical components of effective security is knowing your vendors and assets, understanding the threats and vulnerabilities that may impact those vendors and assets, and then using that data to prioritize mitigation actions.

Check Your Entire IT Deployment Against VulnDB, Automatically

With the VulnDB® integration into the Device42 platform*, you can easily map the best-in-class vulnerability information from VulnDB to the asset data discovered by Device42 and view a near real-time list of vulnerable software in your environment. In addition, you can use the rich metadata from VulnDB to understand the most critical vulnerabilities and assets that should receive attention first, yielding a truly risk-based approach.

Integrate VulnDB to:

  • View a near real-time list of vulnerable software (and where it’s running) – Use Device42 + VulnDB to see an up-to-date list of machines running software instances with disclosed vulnerabilities – on demand.
  • Understand vulnerability details – See software type, license model, vendor, category, license count, and more for each software component, and click the ID to see full vulnerability details.
  • API access to vulnerabilities – Search by software ID and quickly see all disclosed vulnerabilities. Experience the power of Device 42 + VulnDB today.

About VulnDB

VulnDB is the most comprehensive and timely vulnerability intelligence available and provides actionable information about the latest in security vulnerabilities via an easy-to-use SaaS Portal, or a RESTful API for easy integration into GRC tools and ticketing systems. VulnDB allows organizations to search on and be alerted to the latest vulnerabilities, both in end-user software and the third-party libraries or dependencies that help build applications.

A subscription to VulnDB provides organizations with simple to understand ratings and metrics on their vendors and products, and how each contributes to the organization’s risk-profile and cost of ownership.

*Requires a VulnDB subscription

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