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Vulnerability Intelligence for JFrog Xray

JFrog’s Xray is widely recognized as the go-to solution for monitoring software as it flows through the pipeline from code into production. Too often, security teams are left struggling with an incomplete picture of their vulnerability exposure landscape.

This can consume valuable time and resources as teams try to fill in the blind spots and can result in a crippling security incident or data breach. However, the integration of VulnDB® in Xray combines comprehensive coverage with speed of delivery allowing actionable intelligence for more effective vulnerability management.

VulnDB and JFrog Xray Leap Forward

Our VulnDB product provides ongoing, detailed vulnerability intelligence covering more than 26,000 vendors, thousands of OSS / third-party libraries and spans over 236,000 vulnerabilities. VulnDB is the most comprehensive source of vulnerability data available. VulnDB has more vulnerabilities, with more than 77,000 vulnerabilities that are not found in CVE or the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and carries more metadata and research on entries.

Our research teams at Risk Based Security are actively looking for vulnerabilities and we speak with the DevOps community to ensure we are monitoring the libraries they are using. Arm your organization with the most complete and up-to-date information available so you can make data-driven decisions to effectively manage and prioritize risk mitigation.

Take Data Security Intelligence to the Next Level

The best part is that JFrog customers don’t have to do anything special to get this high level of security. Xray users can benefit from the incorporation of VulnDB immediately out of the box at no additional charge.

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